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Carl Pope

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Carl Pope's Field Notes

Giving People Permission
14, 2004

Denver, CO -- One of the classic campaign trail stories this year is that of the solid, rock-ribbed, even diehard Republicans who can't bring themselves to vote for Bush again. Here in Denver, it's the father of one of our staff. He's a World War II veteran who is upset about the handling of the war in Iraq. But when his daughter tells the story, someone else brings up a cousin, and another person tells me about a Sierra Club Group that has a similar story on its website. Someone suggests that these stories might make a remarkable and moving series of campaign ads. This is the kind of phenomenon that is very difficult to quantify -- and the plural of anecdotes like these is not data. But it's something I haven't ever encountered before, except in blowout elections like Nixon's wipeout of McGovern, when I knew of lot of lifelong Democrats who defected.