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Carl Pope's Field Notes

They've Got a Secret
2, 2004

The Supreme Court seemed a little confused last week. By a 7-2 vote, it ruled that although the Bush administration is not exempted by the Constitution from complying with the law, it still didn't have to comply with the order by the District Court to release the records of the Cheney Energy Task Force. In a week during which we saw the Bush administration release much more confidential internal documents on the treatment of prisoners of war, documents that we closely related to national security, it's almost a joke for the White House to insist that telling us who met with the vice-president's Energy Task Force, what they asked for, and what they got, would somehow compromise the ability of the Bush administration to function.

So one is forced to the conclusion that just as the Bush administration released the prisoner of war documents because they felt they could spin them to make the president look good, they are refusing to release the Cheney Energy Task Force documents because they are equally certain that not even their well-oiled spin machine could make whatever's in there look good. Recently we heard tapes of Enron traders openly boasting about how they were ripping California consumers off. One wonders if Cheney's Energy Task Force documents contain something along those lines....