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Carl Pope's Field Notes

The Boston Team Party
27, 2004

I am in Boston for the Democratic Convention and have come with high hopes for this opportunity to showcase our environmental agenda.

Our polling shows that people still don't know Kerry or how good an environmental leader he's been and how bad the Bush administration has been -- but there will be lots of opportunities this week to feature the issues we care about and to contrast and compare the environmental records of John Kerry and George Bush.

Environmentalists Gather

The first event for environmentalists was tonight at the home of Cathy Douglas Stone, the widow of former Supreme Court Justice (and briefly Sierra Club Director) William O. Douglas. Given his affection for conservation and the rights of ordinary folks, Justice Douglas would have been thrilled. Not only did we have many of the environmental delegates, a current and a former Sierra Club President (Larry Fahn and Adam Werbach), and the current President of the Sierra Club Foundation Guy Saperstein, as well as Deb Callahan of LCV and Kevin Knobloch of the Union of Concerned Scientists, but the room was also jammed with progressive activists of all kinds, particularly from the labor movement -- Marilyn Bergman, who was crucial in the Hollywood Women's Political Committee, Robert Borosage of the Campaign for America's Future, Bracken Hendricks of the Apollo Project, John P. O'Connell, President of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), and Leo Girard, the head of the United Steel Workers, were prominent. Congressmen Tom and Mark Udall were there, along with Jay Inslee and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston, as well and U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell.

There probably were lots of others but the house was so jammed it was hard to move around. And the message was powerful -- everyone there really understood that during this election we have to convey forcefully not only that the environment and jobs are compatible but also that they are indispensable partners. You can't have one without the other. Larry Fahn closed the evening off with a brief but rousing appeal to everyone to get the job done this fall, and we're off.

The Week Will Be Non-Stop:

The Sierra Club will be hosting a Thursday afternoon rally with the League of Conservation Voters, Environment 2004, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and other environmental organizations. Our friends are invited: Noon - 2pm, Marriott Copley Plaza Hotel, 110 Huntington Avenue, Salon F, 6B 4th Floor

The convention will also provide us with the chance on Wednesday to spotlight our partnership with unions as part of the Apollo Alliance and our role as a major player in the progressive community this afternoon at a Campaign for America's Future event that will include AFL-CIO head John Sweeney, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and Convention keynote speaker Howard Dean.