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Field Notes Archive

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Carl Pope's Field Notes

We Are in Play
29, 2004

I've never seen anything like this convention: Our issue is getting unprecedented play, unusual alliances are being formed, and serious solutions are being hammered out by people huddled in hallways.We heard today that John Kerry will mention energy and the environment in his acceptance speech. Other prime-time speakers like Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton have already featured clean air and water, energy, and global warming.

Some of the most most exciting work and breakthrough thinking is happening around the Apollo Project -- a blue/green coalition -- which is working to make renewable energy and energy efficiency drivers of our economy -- creating jobs, developing technological answers that clean up our environment, and cutting our dependence on foreign oil.

At today's Apollo event, which was attended by every major international union president, people were hanging from the rafters and sitting on the steps soaking up the details of this pioneering approach, which addresses a confluence of concerns: national security, climate stabilization, environmental protection, and economic progress.

Serendipity Happens

At the Arizona Delegation party last night, a group of us started talking about the need to ensure that Native Americans vote on November 2nd. We talked with the organizer of Runners Against Bush --an effort by runners that's now taken root in 37 cities -- about the success of the relay run conducted by Native American organizers working with the Sierra Club a couple of years ago to stop a pumice mine from devastating the San Francisco Peaks.

We came up with an idea -- Running for the Rights of Native Americans to Vote -- a relay that would begin on Labor Day and end on Election Day.

It may never happen, but I share it with you because it gives you a good idea of the kind of energy and focus and serious problem solving that's happening at this convention. I can safely say I've never seen anything like it at any other convention I've attended.

Jim Jeffords and Orange Juice

An Independent politician was this morning's main attraction at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee breakfast. Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont, who left the Republican Party three years ago, served up some keen and funny observations at breakfast.

Jeffords pleaded with the guests to "not make my switch in vain." And added that he "regretted he had but one switch to give for my country." He called the Bush administration "ideology over substance."

And commenting on Michael Moore's comment in Fahrenheit 911 that "Jim Jeffords made George Bush look like a lame duck president," Jeffords called on the crowd "to really make him a lame duck president. Now and forever."