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Carl Pope's Field Notes

Hiking the Campaign Trail
12, 2004

As the presidential candidates make their way across the country, Sierra Club members are there in force. A couple of examples:

Last week, the President told audiences in Columbus, Ohio, that having unemployment at 5.8% was "good." As usual, he spoke to a hand-selected, tightly screened audience -- I imagine that very few in the audience were among the 5.8% or their families. But also as usual, the Sierra Club was there, as a major part of an audience of 200 protesters. Sierra Club member Daneel Axelrod was the spokesperson for the protest. Here's what she told the Columbus Dispatch:

Axelrod, wearing a green Sierra Club badge, listed her objections to Bush's policies on the environment, health care, jobs, family matters and the war in a steady, deliberate tone."The quality of the air in Ohio is the worst in the nation,"..."The country is much more polarized than previously," Axelrod said.

Some folks who write to me don't want their names used because of their employment situation, but here's an impressionistic report from a Kerry event in Flagstaff, Arizona, which used to be reliable Republican territory:

Kerry was in Flagstaff last night....spoke to 10k people in downtown....powerful.....he shared the stage with 3 tribal chairmen, Shirley with Navajo, Taylor with Hopi and Massey with White Mountain Apache. Also, Bruce and Paul Babbitt, Gov. Napalitano and Navajo Code Talkers.....great event....I am thinking that it is the largest gathering EVER in downtown Flagstaff.....Over 20% of Flag's total population was there...waiting for over 3 hours for him to show.... I am so happy to live in Flag.....