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Carl Pope's Field Notes

Brotherly Love and "Ritzy" Suburbs
19, 2004

We're launching all ten of our voter education campaigns in rapid succession in cities across the country -- Las Vegas last week was only the first. Sierra Club vice president Bernie Zaleha kicked off the program in Philadelphia, and here are his notes:

"Fifty-five folks attended the Philadelphia launch ... 'walkers' went door-to-door to talk to their neighbors about the environmental records of George W. Bush and John Kerry and about the environmental issues affecting the Philadelphia area and asking 'Who shares your priorities? .... I walked a Philly neighborhood with a Club volunteer, Barbara Harris. The evening included a screening of the Club's EVEC DVD describing the program, and a few words by yours truly. The event was covered by both print and broadcast media."

We also got a report from Bill Arthur in our Seattle office on the President's latest swing to the Northwest. Bill included a newspaper story that actually described the President's fund-raising as being held in a "ritzy suburb" at, no surprise, the house of Simpsoon Timber Board Chairman Gary Reed. I guess the $1,000 lunch with Cheney in Spartansburg was a deal -- just getting into the room here costs $2,500, with a photo an extra $1,000.

"The President will drop in to WA this evening to pick up the money bags - no public events are scheduled. We began hitting him hard on Tuesday with our tremendously successful Roadless rally. Yesterday we held a Blue-Green alliance press conference about the Pres's energy policies. The Sierra Club, Steelworkers, WA State Labor Council and Congressman Jay Inslee staged an event outside the new Seattle Public Library, a union-built, energy-efficient building. Press attendance included KIRO-7 TV (CBS) and the Seattle Times. We had a small but enthusiastic crowd!  Today, we're helping turnout people for a rally -- the guest star being a 420-year-old Douglas fir tree."