Valer and Joe Austin

Valer and Joe Austin own and work to restore land in southeastern Arizona, northern Mexico, and Texas. Border infrastructure has already impacted the Austin's land in northern Mexico, and if the policy of the wall continues, could affect their land in Texas.

Valer and Joe Austin have been working for many years to purchase conservation properties in the borderlands and restore health to their lands' watersheds, grasslands and wildlife.

Their work has greatly complemented and advanced the efforts of state and federal government programs to restore habitat connectivity and revive struggling wildlife populations in the Southwest. In a time of global warming, their work to create free passage for animal migrations has never been more important to myriad species like black bear, mule deer, and mountain lions.

Their tremendous commitment to the land and wildlife of North America is now at the mercy of border and immigration policies-especially the construction of border barriers and roads through land that the Austin's own and manage for the primary purpose of wildlife restoration and migration.