Noel Benavidez and Family

Noel Benavidez is an 8th generation Texan. He now owns a western clothing shop and sits on the town council of Roma, Texas. Current plans for wall construction include the seizure of Noel's family land.
Noel Benavidez' family has lived on the northern bank of the Rio Grande in South Texas since the family received a Spanish land grant two hundred years ago.

Every year for many generations his family, which is now spread throughout the US and Mexico, meets on the bank of the river for a family reunion. For the past three years, Noel's beloved grand daughter Cecilia Sofia joined that reunion, marking the tenth generation of the Benavidez family on this land.

If the Department of Homeland Security continues to build the remaining miles of wall it plans for South Texas, Noel's family reunion grounds, the Rio Grande, and one third of his property will be blocked from him by the wall.