Bill Odle and Ellen Logue

Bill Odle and Ellen Logue bought land near the San Pedro River corridor looking for a quiet life in remote Arizona lands. The border wall has brought noise and construction, and blocked them from their mountain view, their neighbors, and wildlife.

The government didn't consult Bill Odle and his wife Ellen Logue about building a border wall directly adjacent to their property near the San Pedro River Riparian National Conservation Area in Arizona. Bill and Ellen have seen first-hand the damage caused by new walls and roads, including accelerated erosion and blocking of wildlife like deer and porcupine, bobcats, coatimundi and countless other species that drew Odle and Logue to this quiet grassland region.

A former Marine, Odle acknowledges the importance of national security. "Our country certainly does need security and boots on the ground, but a fence is false security," he says. "We don't want miles of walls, search lights, towers, and mine fields around our borders-that's not what America is all about."