High Sierra Hiking Guide: Hetch Hetchy

by Ron Felzer

High Sierra Hiking Guide: Hetch HetchyHigh Sierra Hiking Guide: Hetch Hetchy by Ron Felzer (Berkeley: Wilderness Press, 1993) ($12.95), which is available at your local bookstore or online through Amazon.com, REI, the Yosemite Association, or the publisher Wilderness Press.

This book is a pocket-sized guide to the trails of Hetch Hetchy, including day hikes and backpacking trips.

The book contains a removable, updated USGS topographic map in the back cover pocket, which is printed on waterproof plastic paper.

The book also includes brief descriptions of Hetch Hetchy's embattled history, the geology of the Valley, flora and fauna, and climate. The heart of the book consists of detailed descriptions of over a dozen trails, not only those of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, but others in the region.

We especially enjoy Ron Felzer's ringing call for the restoration of Hetch Hetchy:

"Would it be too presumptuous to ask that our legislators consider the restoration of Hetch Hetchy Valley to its natural state after the dam has been made obsolete by better utilization and conservation of water from Lake Eleanor, Cherry Lake and local sources? A 'modest proposal,' no doubt. But think of its benefits: improving the land, setting back the clock to a more pristine time, increasing the number of beautiful places on the earth for a change, instead of decreasing them. Think of the jobs it would create: tearing down the dam, hauling the concrete away, removing the silt, restoring the valley, its trees, meadows and wildlife. Should we not be optimistic and consider the generations one, two, or even three hundred years from now, when Hetch Hetchy will have recovered its own individuality..."