View from the South Side of Hetch Hetchy Near the Lake Eleanor Trail

Photo by Herbert W. Gleason

View from the South Side of Hetch Hetchy Valley Near the Lake Eleanor Trail, Photo by Herbert W. Gleason

"From Rancheria Mountain,in one morning, we droppped down six thousand feet to Hetch Hethcy Valley, where we spent two days in luxurious idleness, renewing acquaintance with its rocks, walls, cascades, trees, and flowers -- old friends whom many of us had known, but had not seen for years, and for whome we found time had not loosened our ties of affection. As we left the valley early in the morning, each breathed a silent prayer that this temple of the gods, with its stupendous walls and magnificent falls, its picturesque oaks sheltering innumerable birds that keep the air vibrant with their joyous songs, its velvety meadows resplendent with ferns and flowers, its limpid stream offering new charms at every bend in its winding length, and Kolana Rock, the presiding deity of the valley, brilliant in the rays of the rising sun, --- that this valley, with its charms and inspirations,should not be transformed into an unsightly storage reservoir to satisfied the yet unjustified demand of a municipality at the irreparable expense of the nation." - Robert W. Price

Source: Photo accompanying the article, "With the Sierra Club in 1911" by Robert M. Price, reporting on the 1911 Sierra Club Outing from Yosemite to Hetch Hetchy. Photograph by Herbert W. Gleason Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. VIII, No. 3, Plate XLIX, January, 1912

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