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February 14, 2000

The Honorable Daniel R. Glickman
Secretary of Agriculture
Washington, D.C. 20250

Dear Dan:

More than half of California's remaining giant sequoia groves, which contain the largest and many of the oldest trees in the world, lie outside Kings Canyon/sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and within the Sequoia National Forest. I want to ensure that these majestic cathedral groves, which John Muir called "Nature's masterpiece," are protected for future generations to study and enjoy.

I would appreciate your review of this matter and your recommendation regarding whether appropriate stewardship for the sequoia groves warrants exercise of my authority under the Antiquities Act to extend permanent protection to objects of historic or scientific interest on federal land. As you know, legislative proposals have been introduced over the last decade, but not enacted, to provide permanent protection for the sequoias, and a number of others have proposed Antiquities Act protection for unprotected sequoias. Dr. Edgar Wayburn, Honorary President of the Sierra Club, mentioned this to me when I awarded him a Presidential Medal of Freedom last summer, and he also has written me about the subject.

As part of your review, please consult with appropriate members of Congress, as well as tribal, state, and local officials and other interested parties, and carefully consider their views in making your recommendation. I would also like you to draw on the scientific and management expertise of the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the State of California regarding sequoia groves located on their lands.

Please make your recommendation on this matter within sixty days. I will carefully consider your recommendation in the context of our ongoing efforts to protect our most valuable and unique lands for future generations to enjoy

I look forward to receiving your guidance.


Bill Clinton