Mediated Settlement Agreement
For The Sequoia National Forest

July 1990

Table of Contents

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I. Preamble 1
II. Agreements 5
  A. Riparian Areas, Including Meadows 5
  B. Giant Sequoias Groves 6
  C. Grazing and Oak Management 28
  D. Allowable Sales Quantity 40
  E. Old Growth, Wildlife Species and Fisheries 51
  F. Suitable Lands 66
  G. Roadless Areas 69
  H. Special Areas 75
  I. Timber Management 78
  J. Snags and Dead Material 88
  K. Demonstration/Research Projects 92
  L. Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) 92
  M. Yield Tables 108
  N. Cumulative Watershed Effect 109
  O. Soil Quality Standards 127
  P. Information in Timber Sale
Environmental Assessments (EA's) and
Environmental Impact Statements(EIS's)
  Q. Improvement of Data Base 135
  R. Monitoring 139
  S. Implementation of Agreement 140
  T. Budget 142
  U. Multiple Use Liaison Panel 145
  V. Public Information and Records 151
  W. Annual Report and Five Year Review 152
  X. Enforcement 153
  Y. NEPA Compliance 154
III. Additional Matters 155
  A. Matters Resolved 155
  B. Amendment of Plan 156
  C. Modification of Agreement 156
  D. Authority to Enter Agreement 157
  E. Integration 157