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The Sierra Club Giant Sequoia Task Force is dedicated to finishing Muir's dream to protect all of the magnificent Giant Sequoia forests in perpetuity and to ensuring that Sequoia National Forest fulfill its responsibility to nurture the forests in its care.

The Sequoia Task Force is a committee of the Sierra Club California/Nevada Regional Conservation Committee and has been given the following charge:

The Committee is responsible for implementation of Sierra Club policy on lands that contain naturally occurring Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) and that are not protected by federal or state legislation.  The Committee shall be the official Sierra Club voice and contact on Giant Sequoia matters including but not limited to Sierra Club policy, The Sequoia Forest Mediated Settlement Agreement (The Chair of the Task Force will be designated as the official contact person as per the Settlement Agreement), administrative appeals, and litigation. The Western Sierra Nevada Committee Chair will be a member of this Task Force. The Task Force is encouraged to work with the Western Sierra Nevada Committee and other Sierra Club entities to allow broad member participation on Giant Sequoia matters.

Recent Task Force Actions


Name Email
Carla Cloer
(Sequoia Task Force Chair)
Joe Fontaine
Harold Wood

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