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October, 2010 - The Forest Service has issued its second attempt to write a legal Monument Plan for the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The local Sequoia Activists of the Kern-Kaweah and Tehipite Chapters have battled for decades to protect the Sequoias that were not included in Sequoia Parkover half of the groves on earth! The Sierra Club's 1986 lawsuit stopped clearcutting in the groves: In a 1990 Mediation the Forest Service agreed to protect the groves. The 2000 Clinton Proclamation that protected all the groves in the Giant Sequoia National Monument requires restoration from a century of logging and fire suppression, prohibits commercial logging, and restricts tree removal to unique and special circumstances. BUT in 2004 the Forest Service wrote their first Plan to manage the Monument - a Plan would have allowed Forest Service chainsaw-addicts to log an annual 7.5 Million Board Feet of timber. That first Plan was thrown out in its entirety by the Federal Court. The Forest Service should have learned its lesson. But no! After decades of being told not to log in groves and promising to change their ways, the Forest Service still doesn't get it.

Yet another logging plan

The Forest Service has come out with another plan for the Monument- again based on logging. This 'new' DEIS and Draft Plan utterly fail to protect the magnificent ecosystem and countless priceless species and objects it harbors. Apparently the Forest Service cannot accept they have a national monument specifically protected from logging. Instead of specifying the highest possible standards for restoration and protection, the new Draft Plan goes to great lengths to justifying logging as 'protection' and 'restoration,' thumbing its nose at the Proclamation and at sound science. Again it will sell a sustained 'product' from this already over-logged ecosystem. Words have changed: intent has not. This Draft Plan continues the logging, tree-farming, and commodity-oriented mindset that existed prior to the creation of the Monument when most of the Monument lands were in the timber base. Worse, a Science Panel found the plan 'not consistent with science' and often could not 'link' proposals to science.

OUR GOAL: 100,000 letters and messages to the Forest Service!

At last count, at least 50,000 Sierra Club members and like-minded friends have responded for protection of this National Monument.

Even if you miss the Forest Service's deadline of November 3, 2010, your input will count! We promise that Congress and the Administration will take note of every letter! But do not delay:

Ask the Forest Service to withdraw their Draft Plan and DEIS and to draft a new Plan and this time to get it right! Tell them the majority of all sequoia groves on earth- those inside the Monument - deserve the highest standard for management, just as those groves in Sequoia National Park receive. Demand the Monument's ecosystems be managed consistent with the natural-process driven, science based and non-commodity producing strategies of Sequoia National Park. Tree removal should occur only after scientists have identified a specific and unique situation where fire cannot be ignited or in the immediate vicinity of structures. In most cases, prescribed and natural fire is the only justifiable management tool for restoration and perpetuation.

ON LINE: Go to Take Action. Under the photo, click on the words " Please take a moment to submit." We urge you to use or add your own words to the suggested text.

EMAIL: GSNM Draft EIS: comments-pacificsouthwest-sequoia@fs.fed.us

WRITE: GSNM: Marianne Thomas, Sequoia National Forest, 1839 South Newcomb St., Porterville, CA 93257:

Final EIS Logging Equipment
NOTE: The above photo is  straight out of the Monument Final  Plan depicting the types of "management"  allowed for the Monument including inside groves:  heavy machinery, tremendous soil disturbance and  logging!

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