Autry National Center Quilt
(formerly "Smithsonian Quilt)
Wilderness Quilt Project

Sierra Club LeConte Memorial Lodge Smithsonian Quilt - A Wilderness Quilt - LeConte Memorial Lodge - Yosemite National Park - Sierra Club

Quilted by
Jamelie Taylor, Anne Wick, Judy Cappas,
Pat Witzansky, Tammy Montgomery, Robin Nichols
Assembled by Ana L. Ringsted
Designed by Bonnie J. Gisel
Quilt is displayed here by Celia and Janet
Painted by the Children, Families and Friends
Who Visited Leconte Memorial Lodge
During the 2002 Season and Painted Their
Memories of Yosemite National Park

Quilt squares were painted by the following visitors to LeConte Memorial Lodge in 2002:

Top Row – Left To Right

1. Michael Palazzo
2. April Weitmann
3. Sienna Thornburg
4. Sean Luzania
5. Cynthia Restivo

Second Row From Top – Left To Right

6. Anonymous
7. Tyler Littlefield
8. DeAndre Donahue
9. James Baker, Samantha Baker, Madeline Baker
10. Elizabeth Cepernich

Third row from top – left to right

11. Skyler Gray
12. Matt Deseno
13. Nancy Marks
14. Peter Kallik
15. Elaine Yznaga

Fourth Row From Top – Left To Right

16. Aaron Tiscareno
17. Katy Mattoy
18. Lauren Poitras
19.Arianna Peters
20. Student – Tobishima Elementary School, Japan

Fifth Row From Top – Left To Right

21. Davis Hylkema
22. Amber Lessing
23. Johanna, Yosemite Valley Elementary School
24. Jordan Von Raeder
25. Laura Kreisberg

Sixth Row From Top – Left To Right

26. Brianna Harper
27. Abby Runte
28. Toby Lee
29. R. J. Fruehe
30. Teri Oswald

Seventh Row From Top – Left To Right

31. Helga Schmidt
32. Sheila Fitzgerald
33. Melissa Nicole Mazer
34. Anonymous
35. Kris Klein


This quilt was originally called the "Smithsonian Quilt," however it turned out that esteemed instittuion did not want this little treasure of National Park and Sierra Club history, so the quilt was instead donated to, and accepted by, the Autry National Center in Los Angeles. Their full accession record, is as follows:

Object Name: quilt
Maker: Yosemite, CA
Date: 2002-2004
Materials: Cotton; thread; muslin; paint
Dimensions: H: 80 in, W: 60 in, D: 1/4 in
Credit Line: Donated by LeConte Memorial Lodge to the Museum of the American West
Object ID: 2004.85.1 (Autry National Center)
Remarks: Quilt entitled SMITHSONIAN QUILT, designed by Bonnie J. Gisel, 2002-2004.
35 square muslin panels individually painted by visitors depicting images of Yosemite National Park to celebrate the Le Conte Memorial Lodge Centennial in Yosemite via the Wilderness Quilt Project.
Subject Yosemite National Park

accessed 10-27-12

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