Sierra Club Quilt
For Our Families, For Our Future®

Sierra Club LeConte Memorial Lodge

Sierra Club Quilt - for Our Families, for our Future® - LeConte Memorial Lodge - Yosemite National Park - Sierra Club

Quilted By Janet Wood
Assembled By Janet Wood & Lynde Scheffer
Designed By Janet Wood & Bonnie J. Gisel
Painted By The Children, Families & Friends
Who Visited Leconte Memorial Lodge
During The 2002 Season & Painted Their
Memories Of Yosemite National Park

Quilt squares painted by the following visitors to LeConte Memorial Lodge in 2002:

Top Row - Left To Right

1 Michael Erik Martin
2 Kerrie Morgan
3 Cathy Chrarn
4 Anika Lejoi Gonzalez
5 Ella Johnston

Second Row From Top - Left To Right

6 Raina Piatt
7 Susan Jaffee
8 Jessica Vedeles
9 Sylvia Lynn
10 Anne-Sophie Samjee

Third Row From Top - Left To Right

11 Victoria Ann Casas
12 Susan Piatt
13 Suzie Shark
14 Cindy Nichols
15 Valerie Cooper

Fourth Row From Top - Left To Right

16 Stafford Hutchings
17 Lisa Felleman
18 Virginia Ferguson
19 Theresa Pisani
20 Tracie Sheppard

Fifth Row From Top - Left To Right

21 Mara Thornburg
22 Rebecca Wong
23 Miryam White
24 Peter Vasek
25 Robert Gracie

Six Row From Top - Left To Right

26 Tammy Buchert
27 Julian Joseph
28 Tamara Hoss
29 Aisha Leanna Gonzalez
30 Hope Young

Seventh Row From Top - Left To Right

31 Laura Steinmetz
32 Tim Hyatt
33 Katie Melton
34 Bonnie Johanna Gisel
35 John Howell

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