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Words for Wilderness Around the World
Words for Wilderness - a Program of Sierra Club LeConte Memorial Lodge
Your Words from EUROPE

Here are samples of
your contributions submitted online from EUROPE

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"I live in Sanremo, Ligura, Italy and when I walk near the sea, I am very happy because here, we have a seaside promenade that connects the small towns of Ospedalett, Sanremo, Arma di Taggia, Riva Ligure, Santo Stefano and San Lorenzo. . . so we are a small piece of the necklace in the world!"
- Maura Grimaldi, Sanremo, Italy.

"If you want to know and understand NATURE, you must compare it to mathematics. Both have the right to exist, because they derive from absolute perfection."
- Christine Serini, Sanremo, Italy.

"Ehi!!!!! It's holiday time. . . the school id closed!
The snow waits for me!
But No! Because rain, rain, rain!
I stay at home and I'm unhappy.
But. . . , I think:
The falling rain, the trees, the flowers, the meadows!
It cleans the paths, purifies the air and. . .
I feel Spring's scent more near to me! Rain, rain, rain. . .
The sky is gray, the sea is gray
Nature's colors are gray, but. . .
I see one little pink daisy,
the broom flowers are yellow and
the cyclamens are red. . .
Life starts again!"
- Emanuela Bovio, Sanremo, Italy

"The defense of my town. Sanremo, Italy has been well known since the 1860s, due to its wonderful climate. In the town was built The Age of Liberty's finest architecture with nice gardens full of palms and exotic plants. Because of the stupid laws here, it has been allowed to destroy many gardens. Only a few of them partially survive. If I was mayor, I would propose a law to link every garden to another one, from east to West, to build a "green corridor" of trees and flowers."
- Nicoletta Canton, Sanremo, Italy.

"Western Liguria is an area well-known for beach tourism, but the interior offers the possibility to discover natural spaces that one would not imagine, so close to the sea! Mountains allow long walks that give the possibility to discover beautiful environments of flora and fauna. These are characteristics which form our landscape, and are not necessarily near the sea or near the famous cities."
- Massimo Giribaldi, Sanremo, Italy.

"To wake up in the morning with the possibility to see the flowers, the trees and the sea is the best drug for every disease of the soul."
- Doctor Chiara Dentone, Sanremo, Italy



From You we were born and to You we shall contribute all our efforts not to let You die from the illness we brought. Let's try to give more than we take. This is the only way to save the Nature for our future generations.
Lukasz Pietraczuk
City: Warsaw, Poland
Affiliation: Green Federation

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Updated April 3, 2011

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