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Words for Wilderness Around the World
Words for Wilderness - a Program of Sierra Club LeConte Memorial Lodge
Your Words from USA

Here are samples of
your contributions submitted online from around the USA!

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I don't want my children to grow up on a barren cement covered planet. I don't believe we have the right to destroy in one day so to speak what it took God six days to create.
City: Birmingham, AL

I believe Chief Seattle said it best when he said man has not woven the web of life, he is but a strand on it. What befalls the earth befalls humanity. All things are connected.
City: Birmingham, AL


You bring me peace, solitude, determination. Silence, courage, humility. Amazement, frustration, and education. In you I find beauty, perfection, clarity. You are the true wilderness. From you I take images, air, and life.
Scott Moran
City: Eagle River, AK


To experience wilderness is to encounter a majestic and stunning silence. This silence is assured only if we will raise our voices in its defense. May we now shout so loud as to ensure for all future generations the joy of wilderness.
Tyler Kokjohn
City: Glendale, Arizona

Sun after desert rain is diamond hard, wasting the opal droplets strewn over creosote, the burning bush.
That teeming pond I passed is full of more hope than a double rainbow. Frogs and dragonflies wake into extreme life. No neutrality here -- every breath, every gulp is on Nature's terms.
No more rain will fall on this desert trail today. The clouds ahead? Tourists. Unwilling to moonlight over these thirsty lands.
Heat is the desert's magic wand; it roils, shimmers, and Presto! Long before arriving home and dropping my dusty pack, the monsoon is an elusive memory again.
Renée Guillory
City: Phoenix, Arizona
Affiliation: Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter

We need the joy of wildness to refresh us physically and spiritually. We need to recognize and respond to - as Muir recognised - the hearts beating in every crystal and every cell: our hearts beat in tune with them. Let us celebrate our being hitched physically, ecologically, and spiritually to nature, and work to protect them knowing there are souls out there depending on us.
Richard Cellarius
City: Prescott, Arizona
Affiliation: Former Sierra Club President

Born in the Boundary Waters, beautiful lakes and forests ... never thought I'd like the desert.
Moved to Arizona and fell in love... with the desert! The sunsets! Red rock, dust, hot air, javelina, lizard, snakes, cacti, roadrunners and black widows! It's in my soul now... and they're building over it.
Stefanie Moravitz
City: Ely, MN


Yosemite Valley, home of the LeConte Memorial, was my family's favorite wilderness experience 45 years ago. Today it is no longer an enjoyable summer place due to the large crowds. My impression of a planet strained by human population numbers was later cinched by a flight over China.
Karen Gaia Pitts
City: Placerville CA
Affiliation: Mother Lode Chapter

Sunrise and the mountains sing in glory, the birds fly in praise and the waters harmonize in unity with the wind that flows through the forests. All this for a species called humanity only to hurry up and miss its serenity and splendor. Wilderness, keep our eyes and hearts open.
Philip M. Cisneros
City: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

I dislike using the word "wilderness" when referring to nature. In the mountains, open plains, rivers, deserts, and canyons is where everything is calm and free; everything has it's perfect purpose for being. It is in the cities and "civilization" where there is chaos and disarray; where people and the surroundings seem untame.
Erin Horton
City: Stockton, CA
Affiliation: Sierra Club Mother Lode Chapter

Pulling me a thread flowing to infinity. Scents and sounds feed me like a plump blossom. I am here, there, and nothing. Light surrounds and points a way to be free.
Carol Chung
City: Long Beach, CA

Now is an exciting time to be alive. New technologies will increase our ability to live comfortably while allowing us to create less of a strain on our environment. Let us commit ourselves to using what we have the best way we can.
Robert Blaye Lanz
City: Saratoga, CA 95070

To me, the Sierra, particularly Yosemite, houses the nature spirits. When I'm there, particularly in Tuolumne Meadows, they reach out of the mountains and wrap me in a deeply spiritual space of life, love, and beauty. When I return home (to the Sierra foothills) where I live now, they come to me in fabulous dreams for a while. I don't have a traditional church that can touch me in this way. I grew up in New York City, where I was not able to find "God." The natural world is my church; Yosemite is my sacred temple.
Barbara Emery
City: Penn Valley, Calif.

Tenaya flowers are new
and a part of you
apart, yet together
afar and forever
remember the flowers renew
in the wilderness
places fragile
and resilient faces
in a rivulet
ginger flowers under leaves
to protect them from bees
and dogwood flowers are leaves
wait until August
for the orchid blooms.
Suzanne Weller
City: Bakersfield California

Words cannot fully express my feelings, but saving wilderness for future generations is where I make my stand.
I have never felt so alive as in the wilderness, with SCA kids in Yosemite, wandering and working to restore backcountry campsites and cooking for backcountry trail crews in Yosemite's high country.
Merlyn Storm
City: San Andreas, California

I share Nature with animals. Animals share Nature with me. When the forest is cut down, it will never be the same. The animals and trees will never come back in the same way. When humans recreate Nature it looks like the suburbs, with straight lines and everything looking the same. Keep Nature safe and diverse.
Heron and Kate Scow
City: Davis, CA, USA

I am the mirror of
a deep green stream
but larger wider and deeper.

My blood flows like
yours I think
therefore I am not you.

My mind flows like
the Tuolumne River in the late summer and
it's warm enough to swim in.

The universe is a mirror of
a lake in Tenaya Canyon
gradually meandering through a meadow.

The solar system is a mirror of
an atom complete with electrons rotating around a

The river flows like the other side of infinity.
Suzanne Weller

City: Bakersfield, California

I was raised to appreciate all of our natural world, and respect the environment. I was lucky enough to have parents and grandparents that had knowledge of the history of California and of the importance of the National and State Parks system. Over the years I have enjoyed the ability to go to the mountains for solitude and peace. However, now that I am disabled I can not make those journeys very well. I find the all of the areas are not handicap friendly. Or sure, a W/C has some accessibility, but for me, with limited walking, and not qualifying for one, I can only view anything from our vehicle or a parking lot. Unless there is access for everyone, there will be a void in our parks, and thus a void in the support of same.
Dana Morrison
City: Yuba City California

One of the most unsung, unspoken issues surrounding the world now is the sense of loss for nature and the transgenerational trauma such separation from our source betokens. The ecopsychology movement is likely to grow profoundly as more people, shut away from nature in cities and concrete zones find themselves growing a little crazier every day from the lack of green, of life, of small animals, of surprise, of seasonal short due to the lack of meaning, all of which arises from our natural context.
Tobey Crockett
City: La Crescenta, California

Three months ago I exchanged the city life for life on top a tree-studded mountain. Now I drift to sleep with the continuous lullabies of owls as they relay their calls across the forest and wake to valleys piled high with whipped cream fog gleaming gold in the rising sun.
Victoria L. Ainsley
City: Scotts Valley, California

In my quest for fresh air I moved my family 200 miles north of where I work, to California's Central Coast. I am gone from home three days per week, but it is worth it. Still, if we all worked to clean the air we'd enjoy this basic benefit everywhere.
Bruce Henderson
City: Grover Beach, CA

For most people, the concept of "wilderness" is one of separation and being apart. The truth is the wilderness is our home -- it's where we're from, and we are eternally linked to it and all its glorious expressions.
When we destroy our wilderness, we destroy a part of ourselves. Keeping it alive keeps us alive. Keeping it healthy keep us healthy. It must be preserved.
Michael Morris
City: Oakland, California

If you ever have time to look at the trees, or the grass, or the running river, enjoy it. One day there won't be any trees or rivers and grass. One day we will wiped hem all out and we'll have global warming, floods and less oxygen. Then what?
Emma, age 11
City: Castro Valley, California

This place was big. It was once wild and untamed. There were people htat would not waste anything. There were animals that we will never see again. the land would stretch for miles without a building. You could smell the fresh air and pines. It was the West. It's gone.
City: Castro Valley, California

I live in San Francisco, a beautiful city, but still full of concrete and steel. Wherever I work, I make a point of going outside at lunch time and experiencing the joys of trees, grass, flowers and birds - softness and beauty. It helps me to remember that there is a world bigger than mine and my life feels so much fuller.
Gaylen Raisler
City: San Francisco, CA

The dogwood's creamy white flowers,
show themselves at the edge of the woods.
Shadows play on the blossoms
branches move gently.
I glide past trees with a lie on my lips.
"Just a quick look."
The forest holds its breath.
But I never look back
when the dogwood calls.
Linda Tindall
City: Walnut Creek, California

Wild Places
Tranquil; evolution; predator versus prey; drinkable water; sequoias; erosion; bacteria; humans in concert with; habitat; the scent of; visual delights; exercise; breathable blue sky; death; food; bloody; medicine; photosynthesis; decay; mountains; no politics; rattlesnakes; renewal; blue whales; Wild silence: absence of human-made sound; backyards; hawks; Monarchs; Wild!
Geoff Godfrey
City: Ventura, CA

Wilderness, God's gifts to humans and to every living creature. Nature is a place every human has a right to go to so that they can become grounded to their elemental nature. Responsibilities of every day life are set aside. A time to meditate, become at peace can be had.
Nora Vincent
City: Monterey Park, CA

"Our little solos are a note in an immense chorus vibrating grandly through the universe, a chorus which accepts and harmonizes the whir of the cricket and the long drum-roll of the stars." - Harriet Monroe (1860-1936)
- Submitted by Leslie Burkhardt
City: Los Angeles, California

Nature's Forest Masterpiece
What artisan's nimble, weary fingers crafted
Your mammoth trunk and sky stretched branches
Beneath you like a subject
Brethren wood you are object
Opposed we split from the womb
Stolen children built my home
Reluctant to embrace I leave your throne
You embrace me as I retreat to my home
- Submitted by Victor Inzunza
City: Stockton, California

"The ouzel never sings in a chorus with the other birds,
nor with his kind, but only with the streams." - John Muir
The beauty of which
does not need
to be complimented by others of its kind
as it sits outside my window,
for its singular nature exceeds those it surrounds.
- Allison Hibner
City: Stockton, CA


I have a beautiful memory from my childhood. In summer I would walk along the edge of the woods near my home and pick Black-eyed Susan' s and Queen Anne's Lace. I would watch the bees fly lazily from flower to flower and look for toads and garter snakes. I would traverse the path into the woods, stopping to tip over a rock or small log in hopes of finding a salamander. I'd walk down to the creek where I'd sit on a large flat rock watching and listening to the shallow water as it would quickly flow through the rocks. I'd hear the soft summer breeze whisper through the trees and I'd watch the water spider's skim across the water top as minnows dashed around beneath them. I was usually by myself, but never felt alone in my private paradise. I recently drove through the 'old' neighborhood and the woods are gone. New homes are built right up to the edge of my old development. The wildflowers I so loved were gone, replaced by nice, neat maintained lawns and "gardens." On the wa! y back home I did pass by some old farms and wooded areas, and my heart felt even heavier by the many For Sale signs and announcements of new homes and shopping centers to be built. The jewel in my own necklace is forever gone, except as a memory.
Julia Cerasari
City: Wilmington, DE


In the Land O'Lakes 8,000 acres are going to be replaced with residential homes, 47% of the land is Wetland developers are calling it the Connerton, LLC/connerton MPUD. The development has so far are being approved. I am asking for all the help I can get to stop it.
Heather Doll
City: Hudson, FL (Pasco)

John Muir Haiku
Sometimes I pretend
I am John Muir and can move
the world with my pen.
Amy Denger
City: Alva, Florida


Wilderness is something that helps us to survive. It brings about the cycle of life. We need the trees and plants to make oxygen and they need us to make carbon dioxide. The fact that so many people don't care about our environment and the animals of nature, makes me angry. We should be caring for the earth that gives us so much. Instead, people pollute and litter. They cut down trees and don't plant again. The people of this world, should take care of their home. It helps us to survive, so lets help it survive! :)
Jerica Moore
City: Calhoun, Georgia

Quickening the pace up the winding trail. Hastening upwards.
I am slow.
Rushing upwards.
There at the top looking out over the expanse of young mountains, rolling and disappearing in the sdistance like waves on a sea of earth.
Quiet beauty.
The rush.
Clarity only mountains and silence can bring.
Melissa Nikolic
City: Lilburn, Georgia USA


I went to a beach called Kahaluu. I saw a big fish. Me and my brother followe dit. It went too far. We swam back to the shadow. We went back out. My brother saw a butterfly fish. I saw a porcupine fish. It's a fat fish with lots of sharp things on its body. The fish I liked was the Angel Fish. It's so beautiful; it's big too. They grow bigger. When we go out, we explore. My mom takes pictures of the fish. My sister took pictures of four eels.
City: Kona, Hawaii

When I was visiting my papa we heard a loud noise. I asked Papa, "What's that noise?" He said it was a Coquii frog. We got our jackets and flashlight and we followed the strange loud noise. ?Then we found the Coquii frog. It was as big as a nickle. It was amazing that a little frog could make so much noise!
City: Kona, Hawaii


It is truly glorious to see nature prevail over oppression. To see it soar over the heads of its enemies and safely into the horizon. To be a symbol for hope in darkness.
Matthew Plese
City: Braidwood, IL USA


The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a unique piece of the American wilderness. Its dunes can be found nowhere else in the world, shaped by the glaciers in the last ice age and the pristine fresh water of Lake Michigan is cool, but not too cool and refreshing.
Allison Hannon
City: Ogden Dunes, Indiana

Seven years ago I moved to a suburb in the capitol city of Indiana. This was an area once great for farming and bicycling. Now filled with housing communities and noise. Please now is the time to fill the airways with welcome words for wilderness and backyard wildlife.
Garyl W. Gibson
City: Indianapolis, Indiana

Many people do not know the beauty our planet has harbored for many thousands of years, and their time to experience it is running out. With Bush in the White House, our natural surroundings are disappearing at an alarming rate, and it will only get worse. Bush wants to log every forest, drill for oil in any possible place, and shave the tops off of our majestic mountains. But it is not too late, all you have to do is vote anti-Bush in 2004.
Danielle McGuire
City: Richmond, Indiana

Earth Echoes
A bluebird's warble as buds anew,
A spider's art in morning dew,
A heron's silhouette in a blushing sky,
A mountain echoing an eagle's cry,
An ancient oak in autumn's gold,
A sea of orange as poppies unfold,
A tranquil stream 'neath ribbons of light,
A family of wolves announcing night,
These are what make the earth so grand˜
Natural treasures adorning the land.
Stacy Smith
City: Anderson, Indiana


Will the boughs give shelter from the storm? Will mountainsides have strength enough to break the wave? Can we teach our children to first exist in nature before mastering the rules of man? Can we teach ourselves? Tisā a heavy train to be stopped on so little track.
James Heintz
City: Ames, IA


In the 21st century our technology will come full circle and reunite us with the basic elements of our planet and of ourselves. We will learn to do more with less and will protect the wild places where our imaginations can still thrive and our souls can still be free.
Wes Dannreuther
City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Last year, my travels from Durango, CO to Baltimore, MD offered an opportunity to visit Mesa Verde, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Sedona AZ. It was an experience that will inspire me for a lifetime. To witness the beauty of the West at the age of 27 was long overdue and created a deeper appreciation for the natural resources in this country and the ongoing efforts to preserve them.
Jennifer Wiligan
City: Baltimore, MD

To achieve complete harmony with nature is to understand it's power over us, and our power to preserve it. Nature has the power to make our lives wonderful and enriched, but we must use our powers to ensure its preservation for current and future generations.
Holly Griffin
City: Lusby, Maryland

A breath of your air clears my head; your water makes me strong; your life drives my soul. Wake me in the morning, sun; tuck me in at night, moon. Clouds blow me away; stars leave me awed. Earth, you are my mother- cradle me in your arms.
Anna Kulow
City: ________, Maryland


Have you noticed,
Nothing's ever new,
Have you noticed,
What we've been through.
Have you looked up high,
High up in the skies,
Have you waited,
Opened wide eyes,

This is the world,
Take it all in,
This is where you came from,
This is where you been.
Jaison Cianelli
City: Methuen MA

The greatest issues of the 21st Century will be related to our failed stewardship of the environment. To change this appalling lack of awe and respect for the natural order, we need to engage children as well as adults in the practices of ongoing sustainability. Sustainability starts with each of us, "at home." How we limit our participation in the consumption based economy, how we create sustainable mind-sets in our families and our work places, and how we treat one another are all keys to creating a sustainable future.
Chuck McVinney
City: Brookline, Massachussets

"Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free
Dizzy with eternity
Paint it with a skin of sky, brush in some clouds and sea
Call it home for you and me
A peaceful place, or so it looks from space
A closer look reveals the human race
Full of hope, full of grace, is the human face
But afraid we may lay our home to waste"
- The Grateful Dead
Throwing Stones (opening lyrics)
Lyrics: John Barlow, and Music: Bob Weir
Jenni Manfredi
City: Springfield, MA



I love this planet; it is a beautiful place. However, what the human race has done to it is not so pretty. I hope one day soon people will realize how important mother nature's well being is and start helping her out instead of killing her because if she dies so do we.
Heather Emmons
City: Ionia, Michigan


Our enviroment is the most important thing that we have. I believe that it is the most important political and world issue. We need to do our best to preserve the enviroment, and make sure that the future generations can enjoy the same expierences in nature that we enjoy today.
Brendan Shaugnessy
City: St. Paul, MN


Practice the dance with bees and butterflies,
trees and cloudy skies,
Mountains and rivers.
"Explore, enjoy, and protect," this is the song.
MTV wont play it,
our american idol is each other,
our headline news is a full-view,
the full-view is the present, past, and future,
exhaled from the Earth.

Jason Gerhardt
City: St. Louis, MO


I was once quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, "Wilderness is a place where things work like they're supposed to work." Wilderness is nature as it was meant to be. It just is. It's birth and being does not revolve around human whims and whiles. Unfortunately, its presence in today's overpopulated world often does depend on human care. Caring enough to leave it alone.
Walkin' Jim Stoltz
City: Big Sky, Montana

New Hampshire

When I think of wilderness, seeing a photo or a documentary or the real thing, I cannot help but think that there must be a divine force that must have created everything natural.
Susan Aspinwall
City: Epping, NH USA

New Jersey

Every time I place my foot on the ground there is this beautiful hand holding, carrying me along that way. I bend down and touch the ground; a deep breath. Look up to the heavens. Blessed be the world we live, the world we dream. As conscious evolutionaries we learn to listen to the wind. Let us see, let us be, let us feel free and move with the trees. For these are our brothers and sisters as well and respect for them is respect for ourselves.
Brian Zeck
City: Voorhees, New Jersey

Whenever life starts weighing heavy on my mind or heart, I look to go hiking. Almost any nature trail will do, but I prefer wooded areas. Being surrounded by wilderness helps make everything right in my world again. It's very calming. It reminds me what's really important in life.
Tari Conti
City: Absecon, NJ

New Mexico

This earth is our home. Without it we are nothing. We are not separate from the natural world. It is who we are. When we defile it, we defile ourselves. We must love it , protect it, and realize our place in it. Nature inspires us, embraces us, and gives us life.
Jim Caffrey
City: Jemez Springs

New York

Issuing fewer invitations to the next generation will make certain that all invited will have a better time" - Margaret Mead Improve the status of women worldwide, with the means to assure that every child is a wanted child, and we will achieve the blue-green planet of our dreams.
James Hufnage
City: Wilson, NY, USA
Affiliation: Sierra Club Niagara Group and GPEPC

What is it that makes our jaws drop and our hearts soar when we see the majestic wilderness of our world? It is more than an Earthly experience for the wilderness is the work of God and that alone is worth saving.
Eric Decker
City: Rochester, New York

All energy in the universe for all time will never again assemble into this night in this park when my child stands in tall grass looking across a lake rippled with fish to the horizon at the rising stars which cause her to start counting and to ask me if I know where heaven is.
Charles Goforth
City: Brooklyn, NY


On a recent birding trip to the Rio Grande Valley locals excitedly marvelled at seeing an eastern bluebird like those I see daily in Oklahoma. A reminder that we often fail to appreciate and enjoy the beauty and wonder we are surrounded by in our own environment.
Earl Brewer
City: Tishomingo, Oklahoma


Humans are my favorite species of animal whose habitat and food supply is threatened by global climate change. Protection of the human's habitat and food chain requires long range planning. Save the humans! Stop global warming! Drive a clean car, buy renewable power and conserve energy.
Edward Zubek
City: Corvallis, OR

Nature is the purest form of beauty. Abusing it for profit shows the greed of man kind. One day, that may not be far away, future generations will not be able to experience the sound of a mountain stream, or the smell of a pine forest. That reason alone is worth fighting to preserve the natural world
Alex Calvert
City: Portland Oregon


Some say that jewelry, glamour, make-up make-up a person
i believe otherwise
last week training 18 high school and college activists in vermont i found beauty in people, knowledge, and compassion
in nature as i watched the sun rise on Lake Willoughby
in friends as we worked together at midnight
in food as we prepared wholesome treats
yes, nature as people and the earth, has rejuvenated me and taught me beauty
City: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Affiliation: Sierra Student Coalition

just around the corner cuts off the sight i have
just around the corner tells me where to go
just around the corner leads me to find that next moment of discovery that has led me from the last moment i made
David Travis
City: Pittsburgh, PA
Affiliation: Assessment Education

The only thing that matters is this planet, it is wholly unique in the vastness of the universe. It sustains our lives and the survival of a vast variety of species.
Please elect people who put science and the environment first. Start to care before everything is lost.
Melanie Mosorjak
City: E. Pittsburgh PA USA

South Dakota

Mother Earth is precious, and we as ONE should Love and Care for her. Mother Earth has given us Life, Love, and the Desire to enjoy her beauty. By caring for her, she will provide us what we need to survive and allow future generations to also enjoy her beauty.
Barb Weston
City: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Affiliation: Natures Way


I cleared my mind. Alone, I was told by the wilderness to walk to the river and receive a gift. My first gift was to meet a wasp; friendly, we made peace. My second gift was some large fish that allowed me to follow them. This was a good day.
Michael Lensi
City: Irving, Texas

My time on this beautiful jewel of a planet is almost gone, and sadly, I have seen not nearly enough of it. See it for me, and tell me about it when next we meet.
Phillip Wilson
City: Texas City, Texas

We are all pieces of this great puzzle- we have been endowed with the power, and therefor bear the responsibility to PROTECT the other life forms that surround and support us in this process of growth and transformation called life. To know nature is to love her - to be so disconnected from her so as not to care about her future may be one of the greatest tragedies ever realized.
Megan Bonnett
City: College Station, Texas


I know in my deepest being that without respect for nature; the earth and the beings who inhabit it, we are doomed. How can man ever inflate himself to believe he is more important than what has existed and will continue to exist when we are all gone.
Chrystal Kay Walker
City: Layton, Utah

Mother Earth is all we have, but humans take advantage of Her. We desperately need limits on population growth, better recycling/reusing programs, cleaner technology, more animal and plant rights, and more awareness across the Planet, for we all exist in Nature together. We need to help Her heal.
Kirsten Stone
City: Clearfield, UT


I believe that nature is a great and powerful thing but I am I afraid that the modern technology is taking over a lot of people in this world . I believe America would be more physically and mentally healthy if more people shared a strong bond and connection with nature.
Kate Bascom
City: Royalton, Vermont


God loves us all,
so He gave us this world.
He gave us the oysters,
in some He put pearls.
The ones without pearls
are valuable too.
By respecting them all,
there'll be enough
for me and you.
David Steber
City: Floyd,Virginia

Wolves in Yellowstone bring back endemic harmonics. Wolves in Yellowstone bring back our future. A future not ordered by scientists, or romantics, but by the potential in letting go. Thrusting each species to sound its note in a dynamic harmony as yet unwritten. Wolves in Yellowstone means, we embrace life. William A. "Skip" Williams

City: McLean, Virginia


The wilderness; an opportunity for awe inspiring wonder. Absolute, unequaled beauty we didn't create, but must keep safe for the future. A source for spirit renewal. Each morning I view Mt. Adams, her changing seasons, the Cascade foothills with clouds pouring over the top. I greet my students with a smile.
JoAnn Platt
City: Yakima WA

The greatest threat to wilderness is unrestrained capitalism and privitization. "Untrampled by Man" implies both tangible (buildings, roads) and intangible (profits, fees) impacts to wilderness. Both erode our sense of solitude and freedom. We must contain and manage our own progress such that it does not overcome us.
Ken Boettger
And here is another from Aldo Leopold:
"The tourist who buys access to his scenery misses it all together; so also the sportsman who hires the state or some underling, to be his game keeper."
Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac
The Father of the first Wilderness Area in the United States
Ken Boettger
City: Ellensburg, WA

I go to the Santa Cruz Mountains when I need to be restored, when my spirits are low, when I feel I have lost my connection to the natural world and, so, to myself. Those mountains feed me with cool air, sunlight, shade, the graceful bend of the beautiful earth.
Cathy Hendrickson
City: Seattle, Washington

The golden hills of Bakersfield, their flora, the Kern River flying down it canyon. Great flocks of sheep like those John Muir followed up the Merced. Reptiles, birds, insects, allthe fauna of the Sierra. Rocks, trees, wilderness, where, as Muir wrote, "It has fairly grown into me as part and parcel of mind and body alike." We must keep it safe.
Anne Norman
Orting, Washington
(Member of Sierra Club Kern-Kaweah Chapter 1994-1997. Still in touch through friends and The Roadrunner, now a member of the local Tatoosh Group of the Cascade Chapter.

West Virginia

My place to be at peace with nature and oneself is Horton Plains, in the tropical Island of Sri Lanka, a serene place with landscape ranging from rolling hillocks, grassy plains, winding steams, and rainbow haloed waterfalls, of ice cold breeze, and sun interchanges with misty winds.
Sarath Seneviratne
City: Summersville, WV, USA


I lay on my back on a stone the size of a small house and stared at the sky, past the glacial formations, past the leafy green trees, past the earth's atmosphere, past my own humanity and marveled at the beauty of it all.
Carrie McKenzie
City: Portage, WI, USA

The woods, in all their majesty are our home. I find peace and beauty in the woods of Wisconsin, the same place where John Muir called home. I will always remember my great grandfather talking about our family being related to this great man. With love!
Analisa Wolter
City: Milwaukee , WI

Air, water, trees and ferns; these things I live for.
Nothing will fill my heart with sorrow than to see them no more.
The times have changed, but they do not.
we are in a fog... forever lost.
Theodore A. Ribbons
City: Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin

I enjoy nature in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I enjoy its beauty in the morning and its peace at night.
I appreciate nature in the inner-city of Chicago. I appreciate its emergence through the pollution and its appearance through the sky.
I enjoy nature. I appreciate nature. I am nature.
Alexander Pullen
City: Land O' lakes, WI

Not enough is being done to keep our environment free of pollution. Clean air acts in effect have to date been successful. However, there needs to be more done to keep our water clean. Being one of the largest resources available to us, water is surprisingly ignored and polluted.
Reece Johnson
City: Land O' Lakes, WI

I remember watching the sunset while sitting along the rocky shore of the Bay of Green Bay. It was a somewhat stormy evening, and I loved feeling the waves splashing up against my face as my hair blew in the wind.
Nicek Meiers
City: Land O' Lakes, WI, USA

The difference in landscape and mood, between city and country, is amazing. Whenever I enter the Northwoods, I am awed by the tranquility of the surrounding nature and the way that it is able to clear one's mind. The power of nature to cause one's mind to clear, is wonderful.
Megan Roberts
City: Land O'Lakes, WI

Looking at the world around me,
Smiling when I see the sky,
There's just one place to be,
Not noticing how time goes by.

What would I do without lakes,
Without water,
Without the wind,
Whispering in my ear,
Telling me about this place,
Where I can feel no fear.
Lynn K. Gies
City: Land O'Lakes, WI

I love when the night sky envelops me while I am lying on my back. The natural world surrounds me, full of life. While the water laps on the shore on either side of the dock, all I want is to stop the early sun from dawning.
Allyson Bradley
City: Menominee, MI

Two summers ago I went to Grand Canyon national park. I had a chance to go to the canyon rim and look over. Out of nowhere, a condor with a wingspan of twelve feet flew up out of nowhere right in front of me, so close, I could touch it.
Sam Allen
City: Walworth, WI

Wilderness defines the very essence of nature. Nature is not truly wild unless it is kept in wilderness. Precious places on earth without human activity should preserved for the future. We need to realize that unless we protect diverse areas on earth, species will be lost from human destruction.
Clare Frederick
City: Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin, USA

Although we may think of ourselves as the ruling power, human existence has only taken a microsecond in the span of the evolution of the earth. Let us not fill our microsecond with the desolation of consumption, rather, let us leave a legacy for the appreciation for wild beauty.
Malanka Riabokin
City: Land O Lakes, WI

Blistering winter is beautiful up here. Everything turns white, snow flowers bloom on the bare branches. The sound of walking though snow is pleasing. Wind makes the weather seem colder but it wouldn‚t be winter without it. Although the cold might give you frostbites, this is the spirit of Wisconsin.
Jin Kang
City: Land O Lakes, WI

Wind through the branches, water over rocks, the roar of a bear, and the cry of the loon. All are components of nature's ensemble. Now however the percussion of industry is pounding out nature's melody with drums of oil. A new, less beautiful sound is coming. Who will listen?
Robert Swallow
City: Land O' Lakes Wisconsin

W-I-L-D, what images does this word conjure in your mind? Wild will bring adventure to those who are bored. Imagination will bring this wilderness to a reality. Life will create brighter connections with the wilderness. Danger will bring us closer to the wild of our hearts and souls.
Relena Ribbons
City: Land O Lakes WI

Waterfalls falling out of the sky
No trails to be found
Only rolling uncharted tundra
Blonde grizzly triplets, chasing the sow through the willows
A story filled glacial river, rushing for more
A place where the heart leaves full of life
A place that leaves you feverish in contemplation
David Mort
City: Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin

Nothing here there is to fear,
Except of course the occasional bear.
While it might be cold today,
No doubt, it'll be colder in May.
Nature here can freeze your soul,
But that, my friend, is no sad toll.
Come, join this delightful riot,
Where all of nature is quiet.
Reid Johnson
City: Land O' Lakes

Wilderness is hard to define. For some it is simply taking a short camping trip a few miles from civilization. Others believe wilderness to be a secluded stream in a faraway province in Alaska. However I believe wilderness to be a second home, a place to be one's true self.
Brittany Konkel
City: Land O' Lakes, WI

A Walk
A clean, crisp, cool air treats the tongue,
The bright oranges, reds, and yellows for the eyes,
The whispering winds and chirping birds for the ears,
And the lack of industrial development for the mind.
A place where prominent thought prevails,
And relaxing contemplation unravels all troubles.
Nate Bauernfeind
City: Land O' Lakes, WI (USA)

The bare trees stand still,
Soft wind chills our body and soul,
Winter is coming.

Drip, drop, drip- ice melts,
Flowers in bloom; birds sing tunes,
Spring is here to stay.

Reflections in lakes,
Mirror the colors of beauty,
Mack Brady
City: Land O' Lakes, WI

The Northwoods have made me appreciate the power of a simple walk through the woods. The joy of using all one's senses - you are free from the hum of everyday machinery, tuning into your thoughts. Here I breathe deeper, think more clearly, and learn from the solitude in the wilderness.
Hallie Kuhn
City: Land O' Lakes, WI

Open, freedom, wild. Nature has the power to inspire, strengthen and free our souls, minds and bodies. Buildings, cities, industry can cramp, crowd and destroy. Is this healthy? Passion and inspiration, these are tools that will help protect our wild mountains, wild forests and save our wild souls.
Nick Hansen
City: Land O' Lakes, WI


A sense of peace. A changing of seasons. Cascading waterfalls. Fall colors on Yellowstone's Bechlar River.
Jonathan B. Lemberg
City: Moose, WY

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Updated July 27, 2004

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