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Words for Wilderness Around the World
Words for Wilderness - a Program of Sierra Club LeConte Memorial Lodge
Your Words

Here are samples of
your contributions from Yosemite!

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Wilderness. Solitary, quiet, beautiful. The wind in your hair, the sun in your face. Wilderness. the bugs buzzing happily, the fire burning willfully. Wilderness. The animals running freely, the rivers running quickly. Wilderness. the moon rising out of the lake, and setting in the starry sky, the wind blowing almost singing. Wilderness. Snow is falling, trees are growing. We grow with them. Wilderness.

We are only guests of Yosemite. Mother Nature - Mother because she is a life bringer - a provider. Nature or natural to let all of us know who is first.

When nature sings.... you listen. Beautiful places, plants, animals, and people. Live in harmony. Morgan.

High above ourselves through the clouds and mists and vapors where the air is thin as frost, our Creator smiles HIs blessings upon mountaintops, the uppermost peaks and crags barely trod upon by His children, the motion of life begins its constant permeable flow from the kinetic glacial kingdom - earthward.

Leaf. Tree. Green. Dreams

I love Yosemite. I always will. this is such a thrill! This is my home land and always will be. It makes me feel like I am free. Arianna Age 11.

John Muir successfully completed a good benefit to the country of America. This park is one of the greatest things ever. Protecting this park is a must. If this ever was destroyed it would be a tragedy. LeConte also helped by assisting Muir with his enhanced intelligence. He labeled the valley himself.

Bonjour! Yosemite est magnifique! Garder ce parc sauvage!
(Hi! Yosemite is so beautiful! Keep that park wild!)

The hills in their glorious height surround us by day and by night. Sing praise to the hills. - from a song I learned at Girl Scout Camp in 1969.

The wilderness makes you feel like you are one with God. No other explanation can be made for such beauty.

LeConte Memorial Lodge is home to the idea of educating the people of this planet in the wonderful and vitally important ways of the natural world! - George

Save the world. No more smoking.

The following is what Yosemite means to me: - Yosemite Means - Hiking to Vernal Falls on the slippery mist trail. Nevada Falls just a little higher. Glacier Point's panoramic views and vision of that Locomobile sitting on the ledge, over 100 years ago. Wondering what our forefathers thought as they viewed the park fo the first time at Inspiration Point. One can only say Awh!!! - Jillian, age 13 years

Water - water everywhere! Spring in Yosemite. Snow, waterfalls swimming holes.

Help preserve Nature's astonishing beauty! Yosemite Rocks.

Yosemite is a great, beautiful, pretty place! I think everybody should come here to see how fun and pretty it is. Nature is the same way! I also saw a coyote.

I love Yosemite because it has beautiful waterfalls, it's beautiful mountains, amazing animals and amazing plants. - Francesca

When I first saw Yosemite in 1995 I was awestruck! It was like a religious experience. It is amazing to me to think of the pioneers finding Yosemite Valley. My hope for the future is that we don't lose this natural wonder to "our" carelessness and we can continue to preserve this and other incredible sites of nature. We need to persevere in the preservation of Nature.

The Seasons of Yosemite. With each passing year I am still awed by the beauty and wonder of this magical place. Winter - crystal snow, whispering trees, Spring bursting colors from flowers, birds proclaiming the day, Summer ladybugs swirling the scent of dogwood, stars and planets ablaze in the night sky. the wind will always call me back and one day I will become a part of it. - Monica.

May 2003. This week I've been visiting the waterfalls in Yosemite Valley. What has impressed me most, even more than the awesome beauty of the water, is the looks of joy and delight on the faces of my fellow visitors. No matter their age, sex or fitness level, they almost all reflect that they have witnessed the power, might and majesty of a creator than themselves. What a thrill!

"The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness." - John Muir - Carolyn, Santa Cruz.

"Going to the mountains is going home." This is my first Yosemite experience. the scenery, grandeur, and spirit of this magnificent place make it home indeed. - Brooke

"I think one of the reasons I love to be at Happy Isles is that the noise, the din of the River drowns out everything except my own thoughts and God. So often people and circumstances demand my attentions, but there they cannot be heard even if they're here. Sometimes my thoughts are not are not even what I want to listen to. Sometimes they plague me, but only here I write and only here can I feel creativity blossom. ... Will Heaven be better than Yosemite? Sure, I know it will be better, .... Immeasurably better - and different - in God's infinitely wise way. But I cannot at this time, with this, with this finite mind imagine anything, any place, more grand, beautiful, restful, alluring or indescribable than Yosemite Valley.

Think Nature - how pretty it is. Keep it That Way!

Hat es sehr gut gefallen. aua Karksburbe, Germany.

The Yosemite National Park is, giant, beautiful, wild, and adventurous. Thanks to John Muir and others including LeConte made this place our national park. Many people can now come and see our great park. If John Muir and the others had not helped out to save this area I would not be here now! And many animals would be lost! I'm proud to be an American.

Yosemite. Beautiful, peaceful and wonderful.

Yosemite is the most beautiful place on Earth.

Nature prettiful!

Word of Wisdom. God's gracious beauty. Rarely do you find a better example.

I am thinking of a sparkling river.
I am thinking of a starlit lake.
I am thinking of a soaring pine.
I am thinking of my wedding day.
I am thinking of God who loves us so.

Best wishes for completing words for wilderness - In the footsteps of Professor Joseph LeConte - with his inspiration - Priscilla Perkins grew, granddaugher of Jim Perkins who was LeConte's student (age 17) went on the 1870's "Ramblings" field trip to the Sierras and always loved the wilderness as a result.

Yosemite is beautiful. I love it! Being up here makes anyone feel one with God!

Every year when I come to Yosemite, I see the wonderful scenery around me and I feel like I'm free from everything I have.

When humans live in harmony with Nature, the whole Earth will win! Humans will win! Animals will win! Plants will win!

I love the cool depths of the forests and the wonderful solace it brings to a heart, over burdened and weary with the maddening flurry of things! "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings, Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. the winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." - John Muir

The wilderness is essential. It reminds us of the wildness within us. Each species is important for it's own sake. How blessed we are to be able to be in the wilderness, to experience a little wildness, then leave it be - wild. Many thanks to Sierra Club for all the work it does to keep wildness around!

To the unknown mountaineer. They watch the shadow of the hawk. Glance across the high white granite, shield granite domes shining under the open grave of the blue sky.

I love the blue jay, the crow, the squirrel. They are us - pests - so are we. And it is still beautiful.

Birds singing in the morning squirrels dance in the summer breeze. Yosemite full of life the whole year. El Capitan has amazing height. The river is rushing so swiftly in the springtime. Everyone enjoys the delights of Yosemite National Park.

Streams and brooks rushing by. Singing birds in the sky. I've loved nature since I was seven. It makes me feel like I'm in heaven. I love the animals. I love the squirrels. They are as beautiful as pearls. But the thing I love the most is celebrating John Muir's ghost.

Morning light through new leaves. Dancing squirrels around the trees. Sweet bird's song to greet he day. What a wonderful place to play. Swelling rivers rushes by, Filling the meadows from side to side. Croaking frogs cheer the evening. Stinging insects follow us everywhere. Crashing waterfalls, billowing clouds. My, our Mother is proud! - Susan

Nature =

Enter it

Without wilderness, there is no life.

I'm happy to be a visitor at yosemite. It is beautiful and I'm happy that John Muir and Joseph Leconte had the foresight to set this area aside for generations. We will be visiting Hetch Hetchy tomorrow. I'm sorry that it wasn't preserved like Yosemite.

John Muir said, "Yosemite Park is a place of rest." I don't think so! It takes some effort to get out of the Yosemite Valley which to me is much more like a resort than a natural park. But climbing up the Mist Falls Trail, and down the John Muir Trail, I got a glimpse of Wilderness way off in the distance. And I saw a bear on the Four Mile Trail, inside the establish Yosemite Wilderness. We need more wild places, not less. Get rid of the cars in Yosemite and it will become beautiful and half-wild at least, once again.

There is an abundance of reports regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) especially toward Iraq. What is largely underplayed these days is the nature of environmental pollution as equally threatening WMD's. President Bush's administration seems to intentionally weaken the environmental protection laws and regulations for the sake of "business."

I have been visiting Yosemite annually for over 30 years. Each visit reminds me of the majesty and greatness of this national treasure. The people of the world are so fortunate that the pioneers of the sierra Club had the will and where-with-all to preserve this park and many others for the enjoyment of generations to come.

If you look deep into the heart of all reality you will see a very sacred secret. In the center of wilderness it beats very slowly and wonderfully with an ancient rhythm that somehow with our ear held to the source of our dreams we can hear.

When we spend all our time in the city, we think nothing about the lives of other animals. But hiking in a wild place - seeing lizards, deer, bears, even mosquitoes (!) we are reminded that the world must exist for the life and enjoyment of many other species as well as our own. We need the wilderness to remind us of this. We need to be more humble as we do things that impact these other lives. Our planet would be very lonely without the myriad forms of life that flourish beyond the control of humans.

God's gift of nature, a gift to be shared, a gift to be cherished and made available for all to admire. thanks to god and those who preserve this gift.

I am a person excited by modern technology. I think exploring Mars and Saturn and Io and Europa with robotic explorers is a wonderful idea. Is that incompatible with the idea of leaving some places wild and free? I think not. Let's explore Mars, but also establish some Wilderness Areas on it! Let's explore our own oceans and deserts and mountains here on Earth, but try to keep those places protected as much as possible. Computer and wilderness- let them live in harmony!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if our leaders could be more like Joseph LeConte - both a scientist and a savant? With our science, we create engineering marvels that too often destroy wilderness - dams, power lines, roads, cities, garbage pits, strip mines, destroyed forests, decimated wildlife. If we had wisdom, we could us science to instead help us to live in harmony with the land, find a place for wild things while still providing for human need, not greed.

What can history teach us? Certainly how not to repeat its mistakes. but it can teach us more. It can teach us how the world used to be, before huge cities and railroad and roads and freeways and pollution. No history class taught me that though. Only the writings of people from history like John Muir did that. Let's be careful not to change the world too much too fast. We need untamed Nature to help us think straight.

Preserving wilderness is a good idea if by preserving we maintain the ability to visit and enjoy these places. Wilderness is a wonderful teacher and gives us a place to dream, relax, and learn. Our youth need to be allowed to access the wilderness to learn about responsibility and respect for living things.

I think National Parks and the Wilderness Act of 1964 were two of the best inventions of the 20th century. Unlike the telephone, TV, or the auto, parks and wilderness seem inspired by both humility and a desire to leave the world a little bit better place. Our technological devices like phones and TV and computers can be used for both good and evil. to be sure, our laws establishing national parks and protected wilderness can also be sued for good and evil as well. But the latter pose potentials yet undreamed of, hold answers to questions we have not yet learned how to ask. Phone and computers will be obsolete (in current form) 100 years from now, but NOT Wilderness!

I have always loved wild places. But most people seem to hate them. They transform them into condos and shopping malls, or build dams or log the forests, acting as if the world was made especially for them and them alone. Our Earth needs wilderness, regardless of whether people ever visit it. Let some places alone - not only places that seem beautiful but also so-called "ugly" places like deserts and swamps and jagged rocks, peaks bare of (much) life. they are each beautiful in their own way.

We all need wilderness places to remind us of the old ways, to help us escape the noise and clutter of modern lifestyles. The beauty and wonder of the wilderness fills you with peace for both body and soul.

The very word "wilderness" makes me think of freedom. Not a freedom supposedly created by the Bill of Rights or a law, but a true freedom that seems invincible. Sadly, the freedom of Wilderness is not really invincible since it can be destroyed so easily by human actions. But, it is a freedom as worth fighting for as the freedom of speech or freedom of religion. Without freedom, we may feel safe, but we cannot grow and expand our knowledge and wisdom.

Morning light through new leaves. Dancing squirrels around the trees. Sweet bird's song to greet he day. What a wonderful place to play. Swelling rivers rushes by, Filling the meadows from side to side. Croaking frogs cheer the evening. Stinging insects follow us everywhere. Crashing waterfalls, billowing clouds. My, our Mother is proud! - Susan

The trees, frogs, rocks, sky, clouds, rain, dogs, deer, squirrels, lightning, cats, water, giraffes, worms, sun, moon, stars, bushes, flies, spiders, dirt, waterfalls, birds, elephants, bears, tulips, sunflowers, flowers, cows, whales, blood, sheep, pigs, animals, elephant seals, sea lions, humans, squid, tang, leaves, plants, fire, fish, turtles, bees, wood, fur, planets, snow - all live in harmony.

Cold pleasant water flowing by, fish swimming under their flashy scales catch the light on what a beautiful sight swim to the rapids let the strong white water carry you down crash crash it sound like thunder pit pat rain starts to fall leaving ripples on the water. I love the water and it all.

Birds singing in the morning. Hearing the waterfalls flow. Walking in the woods to play. Swimming in the river or pool. I love it when the trees blow. When the wind belows in my face and the animals dance in the night. Or when the sun shines on the new leaves, and when the bird takes off for flight. Living in Yosemite is such a delight.

Trees, rocks, rain, animals, marmots, clouds, humans, water, birds, deer, horses, sun, sheep flowers, whales, space, pigs, cows, cat, ducks, chickens, Tasmanian devil, squirrels, dogs, tuna, sardines, shark, insects, rhino, buffalo, lions, tigers, bushes, leaves, bees, flies, butterflies, elephants, antelope, fleas, ticks, termites, bears. They're all a part of muther nacher. I love animals.

The river is rising - With our tent within a few feet of the Merced River, the fact that it was rising seemed of great importance to us. Some campers were already flooded out, and we might be next. The snows above were melting, and sending the powerful, beautiful water wherever it could go. Humans were not able to control it. This is as it should be. Let Nature have its way. It is wise! Let me bow to its whims and be grateful to watch and to understand. - George

I love this place. I will always be its number one fan forever. It's my best friend.

Yosemite - A gift from God. Let us be thankful for the wonder.


This is God's wonderful gift to us. I know it is! It is such a beautiful place that it has to be!!! God is sooooooooo wonderful to give us a place like this!

Wilderness Rules!

Yosemite is a beautiful place. I love it! I wish that all the animals keep wild and stay wild forever! Amelia, 5 yrs.

Happy birthday John Muir- Julian.

Lovely, beautiful, strong.

Good manners requires that we take no more than we give, and to leave a place at least as good as we found it. In order not to degrade we must leave a place as if we were never there. Sometimes we just need to leave some places alone. - Clavey - Canton, NY.

Granite Sentinels, God's eyes,
watchers of the steps on pristine lands,
shoeless, reverent.

Leather clad feet of poet, author,
picture taker.

Canvas shod,
user and abuser.

Let not this soul standing in awe of your creation, in the shadows of your cathedral, be less reverent then those of long ago

- Katherine Stewart

Nature is beautiful. We couldn't live without it!

Wilderness should be like an observatory. You may see, but not touch.

God's principles for life and living are revealed in wilderness. Beware the loss of God's natural revelation.

One can't understand or be civilized without experiencing and enjoying wilderness.

Wilderness is being alone with god in his world, uncomplicated with stuff, people, and business.

As a product of modern U.S. culture, Wilderness most meaningfully to me is a place into which I can go such that when i come out into the inexplicable of which I am a product, I am a better contributor, until I must go to the wilderness again.

For me, Wilderness is a museum
 where wild creatures display their diversity,
where flowering plants paint the landscape,
where trees tower, dwarfing us observers,
where the ancient ways are on show.
Wilderness is a laboratory
where life processes drop hints to the grand design,
where nature carries on, disdaining human intervention,
where we attempt to possess natural objects by naming them,
and fail
Wilderness is a church
where our spirits soar
with the wind, across the granite walls, up the mountain slopes,
past the crescent moon to the innumerable stars.
Wilderness is home,
where we rejoin the natural world for a while,
leaving behind the shards of culture,
where we discover our selves and places to make our own,
where simplicity persists in the midst of chaos.
- Kent Gill

I have just returned from 7 days in the backcountry. I am renewed. I have drawn strength from the mountains, peace from the rivers and learned to look within myself from nature. I pray that it will always be this way - for those who follow me.
Deanne Hansen I grew up in a family that never camped, hiked, etc. I married a guy from the woods in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I cannot imagine my family now without all the "wilderness" experiences we enjoy. My son and husband are climbing "Half Dome" as I write.
Susie Bergerson

Join hands and hearts to save our Wilderness!

The wilderness should be protected and preserved for future generations. Everyone needs a place to enjoy nature and the beauty of God's creation. Yosemite is the perfect example of God's creation.

Wilderness is to live without boundaries, no taming and with the ultimate freedom to be one's self. The wilderness that is Yosemite allows so many to experience so much that helps one tune into those wild ideas and scrumptious inspirations.

I have been hiking since I was a toddler in the Berkeley Hills. I feel at home in the wilderness. I believe that if we have a healthy environment and animals and plants are doing well, humans will be healthier and happier. We need to plant trees and put a stop to over-development. Now coming from Boston, I know Bostonians are indebted to Olmsted for creating our Emerald Necklace.
My hope is that one day, we will only use recyclable/biodegradable things, eat organic food, end use of toxins, stop mining/drilling, use only what we need, have no more than two children per couple, and end world hunger. Also end hunting as a sport.
Debbie Miller, Cambridge, MA

Yosemite is the constant against which our lives are poised!

I came here with a group of fellow environmentalists to do restoration projects in Yosemite Valley. While here, we spent tim in the LeConte Lodge, and listened to Bonnie speak about the current conflict surrounding the building - primarily it is an environmental education and historic center with affiliations with the Sierra Club - this affiliation is what has prompted a Congressman to pursue tearing down the building because it is a "special interest" location. This is frivolity at its worst. We are in a place and time in our humanity where places like these are of vital importance.
Elizabeth Wilson

Don't destroy Nature! What if you were nature and your trees or arms and legs got cut off! So respect nature and it will respect you!

Praise God for Linda Weaver's lessons in Nature.
Betty Olivier

To believe in something beautiful, construction and deconstruction in balance. Steer from your heart, steer through your heart. Act. Act. Act. Rest. Act. Love.

Yosemite National Park, this earthly realm of something so great and magical, captures my heart. It is in a cathedral of this magnitude where one can gain a sense of who they are, where they come from, and how they depend on this life-giving system. It is I who feel so connected to nature, in hope that the rest of humanity can feel the same inter-connectedness
Leslie Riser

Whenever I'm out of the normal daily life, I always try to enjoy all aspects of nature. I'm always driven to preserve what I see for others. Nature is a great escape - enjoy it.

At first when we were flying to California, I expected to rely on my words to give me an idea of what Yosemite looked like. When I got here I discovered, "Wow! Words do nthing to expres this park! You are better off just using your imagination to guess what such a great sight looks like!"

Stop cutting down trees.

Keep Nature alive today.... so we can have a better tomorrow.

We must believe and understand that we belong to the Earth; it does not belong to us. We must live in conjunction and harmony with the Earth, not destruction and waste. Let us hope for a sustainable and health Earth in our future, when humans live adjacent to animals and the land instead of dominating over them needlessy. Stop the raping and pillaging of the Earth and start living simply, clean, and without guilt or form of mistakes and material items.
Robin Walthausen

Wilderness - it is the place we visit to reawaken us to who we are. Spontaneous landslides, golden moons, trees whose life and death date back to a time when giants lived in our imagination - we remember beyond our scheduled, comfortable lives that we are fully alive - our brithright from Mother Earth. We realize we belong to it and it belongs to us - together.

After visiting Yosemite, my horizons have been broadened and I can see why John Muir loved it so much. I really want more time!

I lay my head on a rock pillowe, Jacob's angel opens his wings - the night sky's stars wrestle ma and my thighs entangle in trails. I choose my words to inscribe on his marker, here may their stay his children forever. I am only a voice. I sleep a slumber so deep my sould rises only in hopes to gret a joy as complete as God's creation.

In the spirit of Anima Mundi - Soul of the Earth - May we treasure her!

Nature calls for help, little big or small, Nature calls for our help, Nature calls all. Wolves are endangered because they get shot. Reds, timbers, Greays, they live in many sports. Nature calls for help, little big or small. Nature calls for our help. Nature calls all.

Nature is a great thing! We need to protect it or the world will be isolateed! Love the Earth! The Earth loves you!

As a kid I loved to come to Yosemite with my family. As an adult, I find coming here brings me even more joy and peace.

Yosemite is a nice place because you can get up early and see the deer, and because you can swim in the river.

Tall oaks surround wide meadows with grass waving in the playful wind. Green-gold light filters through, striking the blue meandering river. Lakes shimmer in the sunlight, small waves lapping on the shore. Mountains stand tall and proud, capped with the frosty snow watching over. Night slowly overcomes the day. The stars shine for those who still stay awake.
Connie Clarke

The beauty of Yosemite goes unequaled. From the gigantic rock formations to the thousands of species of wildlife, from the trails, to the river, wilderness and beauty reign. Rock climbers heave up Half DOne. River rafters paddle for all their worth. Some brave swimmers take a dive in the freezing waters of the Merced. The flower-strewn meadows, sway in the wind; a deer runs through. thisis Yosemite - a place of beauty!

Yosemite is a nice place to stay and relax. But the best part is being here with friends and family. I love Yosemite because it brings me closer to family and friends, but mostly I love Yosemite because it loves me.

Pristine spirit of hte valley of Yosemite's natural splendor awakens the soul!

There are different kinds of office buildings, not made of stone or stell. There are houses that live and die, where creatures eat their meals. They breathe and work, and sleep and care, cometimes their voices are brittle. In many ways we are the same, our differences are little.

In my dreams I see Yosemite - tall as any pine tree, free as any bumblebee, long as any river can be. Flowing intot ime and leaving it, yet much like a memory of perfectness. I bring my child because I love her. I want her to love the earth the same waay I know. To share her with the stars and moon above the Valley walls and never regret the breath we breathe here together, her and I and this special place. a dream within that lives on into an awakening of LOVE FOR ALL.

Yosemite, Grant in all its splendor, Breathtaking for all ages. From young to old, there's something to do that will create memoreis to last a lifetime. Yosemite truly is an experience of a lifetime!

Wind whispers in pines
harmonizing waterfall
Yosemite song

Small pufff-cheeked squirrel
What are you munching on now
Is it mine or yours?

Red-breat robin stops
Lookng about cautiously
Running on when sure

Sky-falling water
Wind feathers you to a veil
Merced draws you home

Old man Seqoia
Time and change matter little
to the ancient one

Old man Sequoia
Untouched through millenium
Man - cut in a flash

Merced meanders
Carries our raft downstream
Peaceful afternoon

Jan Mendez

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Posted March 31, 2003
Updated July 14, 2004

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