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Sierra Club Stands With Workers

Union members and environmentalists share a common vision of creating healthy, safe, prosperous communities across America. Together we fight for policies that ensure clean air, water and lands, and decent wages, health care, and a secure retirement for working families.

Take Action: Sign our petition and stand with workers!

Sierra Club volunteer rallies with workers in Madison, Wisconsin.

Today, the twin priorities of good jobs and a healthy, clean environment are coming under unprecedented attack from corporate polluters and their political friends. Big Coal and Big Oil are trying to use their profits to influence their friends in Congress and state legislatures to undermine fundamental health, environmental, and workers rights protections. The Sierra Club stands firmly against "right to work" laws and other policies that give corporate CEOs more power at the expense of the health, safety and economic security of working families.

Together, working families and Sierra Club members can move America beyond reliance on dirty, dangerous coal and oil, to a clean energy economy that creates good jobs, protects workers' health and safety, and safeguards our environment.

On April 4, 2011, citizens across the nation will come together for a Day of Action for human, civil and environmental rights and a better America. We Are One movement, and one people. We will not allow corporate polluters and their political friends to take away the rights that Dr. King and thousands of others fought to secure.

Learn More

For more information about the movement and why it's important for the environment, please read Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune's recent blog post. Also check out Sierra Club Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon's post on Treehugger. See more news and pictures of Sierra Club standing with workers on our Scrapbook blog.

Take Action

We can't let big corporate polluters use their influence and power to undermine essential environmental, health and worker safeguards. We need to join together to build a movement for a stronger, more equitable, healthy and clean future. Sign our petition and stand with workers. Also, contact your local chapter to find out what you can do to help.

We Are One! Take Part on April 4!

On April 4, 2011, people across the nation are coming together for a "We Are One" Day of Action for human, civil and environmental rights and a better America. Rallies will be held in cities across the country, to demonstrate that We Are One movement, and one people. Join thousands of Sierra Club members and our brothers and sisters in the labor, civil rights, education, faith and human rights movements to rally on April 4 for our common dream of a healthy, safe, equitable and prosperous America.

Learn more about the event on Scrapbook.
A list of events is here:
Download a copy of our poster to take to a rally!

Video: Sierra Club President Robin Mann spoke in Indianapolis on March 10 2011 in support of Hoosier working families. She speaks about Sierra Club's proud history, dating from the 1970s, of supporting workers in their fight for safe working conditions. She also explains Sierra Club's work founding the Blue Green Alliance, a partnership of labor and environmentalists, in 2006 and the common goals between we share with working families.

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