Two Little Feet

by Greg Brown

Further In album cover

two little feet to get me 'cross the mountain
two little feet to carry me away into the woods
. . .

John Muir walked away into the mountains
in his old overcoat a crust of bread in his pocket

This song is available on Greg Brown's 1996 album, Further In.

A cover of this song by Karen Sovoca is included on the 2003 album, Where We Live: Stand For What You Stand On, a benefit CD for Earthjustice, and in 2002 appeared on a Going Driftless , A Women's Tribute to Greg Brown (Red House).

About Greg Brown

Greg Brown is a singer-songwriter who has more than a dozen albums. His critically acclaimed 1996 release, Further In, was a finalist for an Indie Award from NAIRD (National Association of Independent Record Distributors), after already receiving the award for his albums One Big Town and The Poet Game. Rolling Stone's four-star review of Further In called Brown "a wickedly sharp observer of the human condition."

His songs have been performed by Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Michael Johnson, Shawn Colvin, Ani DiFranco, Joan Baez, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Maria Muldaur, Lui Collins, Karen Sovoca, and many others.

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