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William E. Colby Memorial Library
Reading Lists

The Club and its Leaders

General History

  • Carr, Clifton and Turner, Tom. 1990. Wild by law: the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund and the places it has saved. San Francisco: Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund in association with the Sierra Club Books.

  • Carr, Patrick. 1989. The Sierra Club, a Guide. San Francisco: Sierra Club.

  • A Century of Environmental Action: The Sierra Club, 1892-1992; special issue of California History, the magazine of the California Historical Society. 1992. San Francisco: California Historical Society.

  • Cohen, Michael P. 1988. The History of the Sierra Club, 1892-1970. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

  • Gilliam, Ann, ed. 1979. Voices for the Earth: a treasury of the Sierra Club bulletin. Introduction by Harold Gilliam. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

  • Gilliam, Harold. 1992. "The Sierra Club's First Century." San Francisco Chronicle. Three part series published April 19-May 3, 1992 in This World, a Sunday insert to the San Francisco Chronicle. Part one: Founding fathers, the victories of Yosemite and Dinosaur National Monument, the defeat of Hetch Hetchy / Part two: The Grand Canyon, Diablo Canyon and the controversial David Brower / Part three: The redwoods, Alaska and the spotted owl; Edgar Wayburn's legacy; the agonies of growth.

  • Jones, Holway R. 1965. John Muir and the Sierra Club: the Battle for Yosemite. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

  • Turner, Tom. 1991. Sierra Club: 100 Years of Protecting Nature. New York: Abrams.

Outings, Mountaineering, Skiing, etc.

  • Alsup, William. 2001. Missing in the Minarets: the Search for Walter A. Starr, Jr. Yosemite National Park, CA: Yosemite Association. (Also listed under Walter A. Starr, Jr.)

  • Wicken, Ingrid. 2001. Pray For Snow: The History of Skiing in Southern California. Norco, CA: Vasa Press. Chapter 5: Ski Mountaineers of the Sierra Club.

Key Figures in Sierra Club's Past & Present

See also: the Sierra Club Oral History Series for oral histories of Sierra Club leaders and volunteers.

Ansel Adams

  • Adams, Ansel. 1990. The American Wilderness. Boston: Little, Brown.

  • Adams, Ansel and Alinder, Mary Street. 1985. Ansel Adams: an Autobiography. Boston: Little, Brown.

  • Alinder, Mary Street. 1996. Ansel Adams: a Biography. New York: H. Holt.

  • Alinder, Mary Street. 1988. Ed. Ansel Adams: Letters and Images. Boston: Little, Brown.

  • Hammond, Anne. 2002. Ansel Adams: Divine Performance. New Haven: Yale University Press.

  • Newhall, Nancy. 1964. Ansel Adams. San Francisco: Sierra Club.

  • Spaulding, Jonathan. 1995. Ansel Adams and the American Landscape: a Biography. Berkeley: University of California Press.

  • Strangis, Joel. 2002. Ansel Adams: American artist with a camera. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers.

  • Szarkowski, John and Adams, Ansel. 2001. Ansel Adams at 100. Boston: Little, Brown and Co.

  • Turnage, Robert. 1979. Ansel Adams: the Role of the Artist in the Environmental Movement. Santa Cruz, CA: Turnage.

David Brower

  • Boga, Steven. 1994. Climbers: Scaling the Heights with the Sport's Elite. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books.

  • Brower, David, R. 1990. For Earth's Sake: the Life and Times of David Brower. Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith Books.

  • Brower, David, R. 1991. Work in Progress. Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith Books.

  • Brower, David, R. and Chapple, Steve. 1995. Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run: A Call to Those Who Would Save the Earth. San Francisco: HarperCollins West.

  • Robinson, Nicholas, A. (2001, Summer). "David Ross Brower and Nature's Laws." Pace Environmental Law Review, 18(2): 221-226.

Norman Clyde

  • Clyde, Norman. 1998. Close Ups of the High Sierra. 1st ed. Bishop, Calif.: Spotted Dog Press.

  • Clyde, Norman. 1975. El Picacho del Diablo: the Conquest of Lower California's Highest Peak, 1932 & 1937. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop. Introduction and bibliography by John W. Robinson; photographs by Nathan Clark.

  • Clyde, Norman. 1971. Norman Clyde of the Sierra Nevada: Rambles through the Range of Light; 29 Essays on the Mountains. San Francisco: Scrimshaw Press.

Michael McCloskey
McCloskey, J. Michael. 2005. In the Thick of It: My Life in the Sierra Club. Washington, DC: Island Press.

Susan Merrow
Merrow, Susan D. and Rickerby, Wanda A. 1992. One for the Earth: Journal of a Sierra Club President. Champaign, IL: Sagamore Pub.

John Muir
See The John Muir Exhibit :Muir Bibliography

Walter A. Starr, Jr.
Alsup, William. 2001. Missing in the Minarets: the Search for Walter A. Starr, Jr. Yosemite National Park, CA: Yosemite Association.

Wallace Stegner

  • Stegner, Page and Stegner, Mary, eds. 1996. The Geography of Hope: A Tribute to Wallace Stegner. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

  • Stegner, Wallace. 1969. The Sound of Mountain Water. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday.

Edgar Wayburn
Wayburn, Edgar. 2005. Your Land and Mine: Evolution of a Conservationist. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

Adam Werbach
Werbach, Adam. 1997. Act Now, Apologize Later. New York: Cliff Street Books.

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