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William E. Colby Memorial Library

Online Collections: Sierra Club Reports

Each year, the Sierra Club issues acclaimed reports on a variety of topics aligned with our campaigns and priorities. Sierra Club reports and special publications are listed here by publication date. Titles are added when the Colby Library receives a printed copy, or a link to an electronic copy.

Call numbers indicate the location of a print copy in the Colby Library collection. Find the full record in the Library's online catalog.


Clean Energy Under Siege: Following the Money Trail Behind the Attack on Renewable Energy. Sierra Club, August 2012. (23 page pdf)

Dirty Money: US Banks at the Bottom of the Class. Coal Finance Report Card 2012. Rainforest Action Network, BankTrak, and Sierra Club, May 2012. (28 page pdf)


Move Beyond Coal, Now! : Voices from the Front Lines of the Global Struggle. Bank Information Center & Sierra Club, September 2011. (24 page pdf)

Giant Fish Blenders: How Power Plants Kill Fish & Damage Our Waterways (And What Can Be Done to Stop Them). Sierra Club, July 2011. (17 page pdf)

Policy & Practice: 2011 Report Card on Banks & Mountaintop Removal. Rainforest Action Network & Sierra Club, April 2011. (9 page pdf)

Cleaner Cars, Less Foreign Oil: A Path to Economic Prosperity and Oil Security. Sierra Club, Center for American Progress, & League of Conservation Voters, March 2011. (16 page pdf)

A Clean Northeast: Moving the Northeast Beyond Coal and Toward a Clean Energy Future. Sierra Club, March 2011. (18 page pdf)

Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Risk. Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Wildlife Federation, and Pipeline Safety Trust, February 2011. (16 page pdf)


Toxic Tar Sands: Profiles from the Front Lines. Sierra Club, November 2010. (18 page pdf)

America's Great Outdoors: Protecting America's Great Outdoors From Climate Change A Sierra Club Vision. Sierra Club, September 2010. (28 pages)

In Harm's Way: Lack of Federal Coal Ash Regulations Endangers Americans and Their Environment. Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, and Sierra Club, August 26, 2010. (234 page PDF)

Tar Sands Invasion: How Dirty and Expensive Oil from Canada Threatens America's New Energy Economy. Corporate Ethics Int'l, Earthworks, NRDC, and Sierra Club, May 2010. (34 pages)

Breaking Coal's Grip on Our Future: Moving Campuses Beyond Coal. 2nd edition. Sierra Student Coalition, Sierra Club, 2010. (20 pages)

Campuses Beyond Coal Guidebook. Sierra Club, Sierra Student Coalition, #710a 2010. (10 pages)


Green Buildings for Cool Cities: A Guide for Advocating for Local Green Building Policies. Sierra Club and U.S. Green Building Council, 2009. (12 pages)

Economic Impacts of Restricting Mountaintop/Valley Fill Coal Mining in Central Appalachia. Conducted by Synapse Energy Economics; Released by Sierra Club, August 2009. (25 pages)

New Orleans Green Building Assessment. Sierra Club Delta Chapter (New Orleans), June 2009. (53 pages)

Smart Choices for Biofuels. Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute, January 2009. (16 pages)


A Citizen's Guide to Protecting the Great Lakes. Sierra Club Great Lakes Program, Madison, Wisconsin, 2008. (18 pages)

Desalination: Is It Worth Its Salt? A Primer on Brackish and Seawater Desalination. Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter, December 2008. (40 pages)

Faith in Action: Communities of Faith Bring Hope for the Planet. Sierra Club, June 2008. (36 pages)

Trade and Global Warming: What are the Connections? Sierra Club, April 2008. (18 pages)


Destination Iowa: Getting to a Sustainable Biofuels Future. Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute, October 2007. (20 pages)

America's Wild Legacy: 52 exceptional places we must protect. Sierra Club, September 2007. (56 pages)

The New Economy of the West: From Clearcutting to Camping. Sierra Club, August 2007. (20 pages)

The Dirty Truth About Coal: Why yesterday's technology should not be part of America's energy future. Sierra Club, June 2007. (20 pages)

Keeping Our Nation's Public Drinking Water Safe: Why Americans' Drinking Water Sources are at Risk. Sierra Club, May 2007. (16 pages)

Where Rivers Are Born: The Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams and Wetlands. Sierra Club, Spring 2007. (28 pages)


Building Better II: A Guide to America's Best New Development Projects. Fall 2006 Clean Water Edition. Sierra Club, November 2006. (28 pages)

Harmful Legacy of Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero: How Post 9/11 Disaster Policy Endangers America. Sierra Club, September 2006. (28 pages)

The School of Big Storms: The High Cost of Compromising Our Natural Defenses and the Benefits of Protecting Them. Gulf Restoration Network and Sierra Club, June 2006. (20 pages)

From The Source to The Tap: Why America's Drinking Water Sources are at Risk. Sierra Club, May 2006. (14 pages)

The ASARCO El Paso Smelter: A Source of Local Contamination of Soils in El Paso (Texas), Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua, Mexico), and Anapra (New Mexico). Report prepared by Michael E. Ketterer, Ph.D., for Sierra Club, January 2006. (19 pages)


Building Better: A Guide to America's Best New Development Projects. Sierra Club, November 2005. (32 pages)

Sick Waters: Excess Nutrients Harm the Health of our Waters. Sierra Club, September 2005. (8 pages)

America's Great Outdoors:Sierra Club's Vision for Protecting Our Natural Heritage. Sierra Club, June 2005. (48 pages)

Alternative Water Management Strategies for the 2006 South Central Texas Regional Water Plan.. Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter, June 2005. (31 pages)

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks: A Threat to Public Health & Environment. Sierra Club, April 2005. (38 pages)

Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero Revisited: Why It Could Happen Again. Sierra Club, 2005. (42 pages) (5 page executive summary)


Air Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero: How the Bush Administration's Reckless Disregard of 9/11 Toxic Hazards Poses Long-Term Threats for New York City and the Nation. Sierra Club, August 2004. (description) (full report no longer available online, see later editions in 2005 & 2006)

Reckless Abandon: How the Bush Administration is Exposing America's Waters to Harm. Earthjustice, National Wildlife Federation, NRDC, and Sierra Club, August 2004. (30 pages)

Communities at Risk: How the Bush Administration is Failing to Protect People's Health at Superfund Sites. Sierra Club, July 2004. (37 pages)

Wildlands at Risk: Sierra Club Documents the Bush Administration's Assault on America's Wildlands. Sierra Club, July 2004. (41 pages)

Highway Health Hazards: How Highways and Roads Cause Health Problems in Our Communities--and What You Can Do About It. Sierra Club, Summer 2004. (24 pages)

Missing the Train: How the Bush Administration's Transportation Proposal Threatens Jobs, Commutes, and Public Transit Ridership. Sierra Club's 2004 Report on Sprawl, May 2004. (20 pages; call#388.4 M691)

All Dried Up: How Clean Water is Threatened by Budget Cuts. Sierra Club with many other organizations, Spring 2004. (66 pages)

The Truth about Toxic Waste Cleanups: How EPA is Misleading the Public about the Superfund Program. U.S. PIRG Educational Fund and Sierra Club, February 2004. (21 pages)

Take Action to Defend the World's Forests: Globalization Lays Siege to Forests and Communities. Sierra Club, 2004. (32 pages)


The Road to Better Transportation Projects: Public Involvement in the NEPA Process. Sierra Club and NRDC, Summer 2003. (16 pages)

International Right to Know: Empowering Communities through Corporate Transparency. International Right to Know Campaign, with Sierra Club and several other organizations, January 2003. (22 pages)


Restoring America's Forests: Protecting Habitat, Saving Streams and Generating Jobs in our National Forests. Sierra Club Forests Report, 2002. (36 pages)

Smart Choices, Less Traffic: Sierra Club Takes a Critical Look at 49 Transportation Projects. Sierra Club, Summer 2002.


Clearing the Air with Transit Spending: Sierra Club Grades America's Fifty Largest Cities. Sierra Club's fourth annual sprawl report. Sierra Club's Challenge to Sprawl Campaign, Fall 2001.

Healthy Harbors, Restored Rivers: A Community Guide to Cleaning Up Our Waterways. Sierra Club Great Lakes Program, Madison, Wisconsin, June 2001. (70 pages)

Airborne: Hazardous Air Pollutants Causing Human Health Risks and Ecological Damage Go Unregulated. A Report on EPA's Failure to Regulate Hazardous Air Pollutants. Combustion Task Force, Sierra Club, circa. 2001. (23 pages)

Forest Fires - Beyond the Heat and Hype. Sierra Club Forests Report, 2001. (14 pages)

A Wilderness-Forever Future:A Short History of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Pew Wilderness Center in collaboration with The Wilderness Society, Sierra Club and Earthjustice. Written by Douglas W. Scott, 2001.


Smart Choices or Sprawling Growth: A 50-State Survey of Development. Sierra Club Report on Sprawl, September 2000. (36 pages)

Seeing the Forests for their Green: The Economic Benefits of Forest Protection, Recreation, and Restoration. Sierra Club Forests Report, August 2000. (31 pages; call#333.75 Se32)

Shattered Solitude / Eroded Habitat: The Motorization of the Lands of Lewis and Clark. Northwest and Northern Plains Offices, Sierra Club, June 2000. (35 pages; call#333.7814 L423s)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind and Almost Out of Time: Towards an Effective System of Marine Protected Areas in British Colombia. Sierra Club of British Colombia, April 2000. (35 pages; call#333.9164 W155o)

Sprawl Costs Us All: How Your Taxes Fuel Suburban Sprawl. Sierra Club, Spring 2000. (21 pages; call#307.14 Sp76)

Environmentalists Under Fire: 10 Urgent Cases of Human Rights Abuses. Amnesty International and Sierra Club, 2nd ed., January 2000. (31 pages; call#341.481 En89)


Corporate Hogs at the Public Trough: How Your Tax Dollars Help Bring Polluters into Your Neighborhood. Sierra Club's campaign to protect America's water from factory farm pollution, 1999. (23 pages; call#363.7394 C817)

Canada's Ancient Rainforest: Home of the Great Bears and Wild Salmon. Sierra Club of British Columbia, 1999. (22 pages; call#333.75 Y844c)

Solving Sprawl: The Sierra Club Rates the States. Sierra Club's second annual report on sprawl, 1999. (23 pages; call#307.14 So489)

SPARE America's Wildlands: The Sierra Club Plan to Protect Our National and Neighborhood Wild Places and Open Spaces. Sierra Club, 1999. (45 pages; call#333.78 Sp25)


Cancer Pollution Report, 1998. Sierra Club.

The Dark Side of the American Dream: The Costs and Consequences of Suburban Sprawl. Sierra Club Sprawl Report, 1998. (29 pages; call#307.14 D248)(1997)

Suburban Sprawl Costs Us All in the Midwest: How Suburban Sprawl Threatens Our Families, Our Communities, and Our Quality of Life. Midwest Office, Sierra Club, 1997. (23 pages; call #307.14 H879s)(1996)

Sprawl Costs Us All: How Uncontrolled Sprawl Increases Your Property Taxes and Threatens Your Quality of Life. Midwest Office, Sierra Club, 1996. (18 pages; call # 307.14 H879su)

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