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William E. Colby Memorial Library

Reading Lists: Sierra Club Exhibit Format Series

Winner of the Carey-Thomas Award in 1964 for the best achievement in creative publishing in the United States.

"Big, four-pound, creamily beautiful, living-room furniture books that argue the cause of conservation in terms, photographically, of exquisite details from the natural world and, textually, of essences of writers like Thoreau and Muir."
--John McPhee in Encounters with the Archdruid.

  • This Is the American Earth. 1960. Ansel Adams and Nancy Newhall.

  • Words of the Earth. 1960. Cedric Wright; Edited by Nancy Newhall; Foreword by Ansel Adams.

  • These we Inherit: The Parklands of America. 1962. Ansel Adams.

  • "In Wildness is the Preservation of the World". 1962. Elliot Porter with text from Henry David Thoreau; Introduction by Joseph Wood Krutch.

  • The Place No One Knew: Glen Canyon on the Colorado. 1963. Eliot Porter; Edited by David Brower.

  • The Last Redwoods: Photographs and Story of a Vanishing Scenic Resource. 1963. Philip Hyde and Fran├žois Leydet; Foreword by Stewart L. Udall.

  • Ansel Adams: A Biography. Volume 1: The Eloquent Light. 1964. Nancy Newhall.

  • Time and the River Flowing: Grand Canyon. 1964. Fran├žois Leydet; Edited by David Brower.

  • Gentle Wilderness: The Sierra Nevada. 1964. Text from John Muir; photographs by Richard Kauffman. Edited by David Brower.

  • Not Man Apart. 1965. Text from Robinson Jeffers; Photos of the Big Sur coast, by Ansel Adams and others; Edited by David Brower.

  • The Wild Cascades, Forgotten Parkland. 1965. Harvey Manning, with lines from Theodore Roethke. Foreword by William O. Douglas.

  • Everest: the West Ridge. 1965. Thomas F. Hornbein. Photographs from the American Mount Everest Expedition and by its leader, Norman G. Dyhrenfurth; Introduction by William E. Siri. Edited by David Brower.

  • Summer Island: Penobscot Country. 1966. Eliot Porter; Edited by David Brower.

  • Navajo Wildlands: As Long as the Rivers Shall Run. 1967. Photographs by Philip Hyde; Text by Stephen C. Jett, with selections from Willa Cather and others. Edited by Kenneth Brower with a foreword by David Brower.

  • Kauai and the Park Country of Hawaii. 1967. Robert Wenkam; edited by Kenneth Brower with a foreword by David Brower.

  • Glacier Bay: The Land and the Silence. 1967. Dave Bohn; edited by David Brower.

  • Baja California and the Geography of Hope. 1967. Photographs by Eliot Porter, text by Joseph Wood Krutch. Edited by Kenneth Brower with a foreword by David Brower. With lines from Octavio Paz.

  • Central Park Country: a Tune Within Us. 1968. Photographs by Nancy and Retta Johnston. Introduction by Marianne Moore. Text by Mireille Johnston. Edited, with a foreword by David Brower.

  • Galapagos: The Flow of Wildness. Vol. 1: Discovery. 1968.

  • Galapagos: The Flow of Wildness. Vol. 2: Prospect. 1968. Photographs by Eliot Porter. Introduction by Loren Eiseley. Edited by Kenneth Brower with a foreword by David Brower.

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