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Email Lists
Basic Definitions

Listserv: A smart computer run by L-Soft software. Listserv hosts all of the Club's 600+ lists, and responds via email to requests for list management, and subscription management.

Listserv List: A simple tool using email addresses to create forums for like-minded individuals to receive and/or share information by email. Lists each have a statement of purpose, a special name, an owner, a sponsor, and subscribers.

Listmaster: A person, not a computer! Listmaster does the actual creation of lists, provides technical support and manages Sierra Club listserv lists.

List Founder: The individual who starts a new list with Sierra Club

List Sponsor: The entity of the Club that is ultimately responsible for a list. For example, Chapters are sponsors of lists.

List Owner: The individual(s) responsible for the daily monitoring of the list and maintenance of subscriptions to the list.

Subscriber: An individual who fits the qualifications for subscription to a list and requests to be subscribed. A subscriber automatically receives all messages sent to the list.

Archives: The messages sent to each list are saved in their own file, called an archive. Archives are organized by date, and are usually available on the world wide web.

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