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The Planet

Clean Water Resources

The 104th Congress has vowed to "dirty" our Clean Water Act and threaten our health. The following resources are available to help you mobilize local media, government and the public to actively take a stand. Please contact your local chapters for other useful materials.

EPA Wetlands Fact Sheets

A bound set of 33 wetlands fact sheets ranging from use and value, to restoration funding and technical assistance. Includes contacts for EPA regional wetlands and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For a free copy call the EPA Wetlands Hotline at 1-800-832-7828.

EPA "Setting the Record Straight" Fact Sheets

These 10 revised fact sheets debunk some of the misinformation spread about the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water acts. Highlights include the truth behind the infamous "pineapple pesticide" rumor and Great Lakes Initiative claims. Contact your regional Sierra Club field office.

USDA Wetlands Fact Sheets

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has drawn up four fact sheets called "What Farmers Want to Know." Clarifies how current wetlands law and regulations affect agricultural land use. Contact your regional Sierra Club field office.

Sierra Club State Fact Sheets on Wetlands and Polluted Runoff

Separate fact sheets by state on number of wetlands, dominant types, description of economic value and estimated rate of destruction. Fact sheets on polluted runoff contain similar statistics plus economic value of threatened fishing resources. Contact your regional Sierra Club field office.

Analysis of the Dirty Water and Risk Assessment bills

Compiled by the Club's D.C. office, this report includes analysis, side-by-side comparisons and talking points on H.R. 961, the "Dirty Water Bill," and S.343, Dole's risk assessment bill. Contact Annette Hewlett in the Club's D.C. office at (202) 547-1141.

PIRG "Moneyed Waters" Report and "Permit to Pollute" Report

This spring the "Moneyed Waters Report on Political Contributions and the Attack on Clean Water" came out by the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) in conjunction with the Environmental Working Group. It lists political contributions made to 50 House members by polluter industries and others interested in a weakened Clean Water Act. Also from USPIRG, the "Permit to Pollute" shows state- by-state violations of the Clean Water Act. Contact your regional Sierra Club Field Office.

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