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The Planet


The Planet, October 1995, Volume 2, number 7

The Planet welcomes letters from readers. Phase sign your letter and include a mailing address and phone number Letters may be edited for space.

Change Starts With You


It was interesting to read in your September issue that "Americans overwhelmingly support the environment," [because] very few people are changing their wasteful habits. In my neighborhood, very few (if any) drive less (some people still drive two to three blocks to the swimming pool!) . I know of hardly anyone who takes a reusable shopping bag to the store. Few people pay a little extra to buy recycled products. Throwaway paper plates and cups can be seen everywhere.

Perhaps environmental groups (such as the Sierra Club) need to make people more aware of the importance of changing one's own wasteful habits. TV announcements would reach the largest number of people newspaper articles are also very important. Just saying you want protection for the environment is simply not enough. Everyone has to do their part.

--Karin Steele
Stockton, Calif.

Harnessing Good intentions


Like most people today, I am very busy, extremely overloaded with details, commitments and responsibilities. To be frank, I have no extra time to write this congressperson, that senator, that committee, this legislative office--nor even the president, for that matter! is there any way to streamline this process?

The Planet is a terrific effort, and I feel better informed as a result of reading it. Unfortunately, there is just so much to be done, so much at stake, and the frustration mounts.

--Laurel A. Grady
Philadelphia, Pa.

This month's user-friendly feature story on citizen lobbying techniques was designed to help time pressed activists five you. Check it out!

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