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The Planet

We've Hit a Million!

The Sierra Club, working in close partnership with the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), announced at more than 50 September press events that in excess of a million citizens have signed the Environmental Bill of Rights.

To counter the 104th Congress' War on the Environment, the Club -- with the PIRGs and other allies -- spearheaded a plan in March to mobilize a million Americans to demonstrate support for a safe and healthy environment by signing an Environmental Bill of Rights. Following a final Labor Day weekend push, the Club and its allies exceeded their million-signature goal.

The September press events publicized the success of the mobilization campaign. In Rhode Island, the Sierra Student Coalition staged a mock auction of America's natural resources, at which the sole bidder -- a Newt Gingrich lookalike -- secured the deal for $1. In Atlanta, Georgia Chapter activists led a presentation of petitions to Gingrich aides. And from Los Angeles, Calif., to Boston, Mass., the events sparked high-volume media coverage.

This achievement clearly demonstrates that the American public wants more environmental safeguards, not the rollback of 25 years of protection being proposed by the current Congress' anti-environmental leadership," said Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope.

At press time, the Club and its allies were slated to culminate the campaign with a November delivery of the million-plus signatures to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

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