Sierra Club: The Planet--1996
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The Planet
Club Activists Weigh In on Endorsement

Normally, I would support our not endorsing Clinton given his lukewarm record on the environment. However, Dole's record is appalling, and we need to do everything in our power to make sure that he does not get elected. A Dole presidency would almost guarantee that all of the anti- environment bills vetoed by Clinton would pass quickly if the House and Senate remain in Republican hands. Therefore, I solidly support our endorsing Clinton for president. - Beth Marks, Washington, D.C.

This is a classic example of why all Americans are so damn disappointed by politicians. We send them off to do the right thing and watch out for our best interests. But democracy is not a spectator sport, constituents must be vigilant. We didn't get what we expected with Clinton, but our expectations were high. There is no question that Clinton held the line when Democrats, particularly in the House, failed miserably to do so. - Karen Fogas, political chair, South Dakota Chapter

We all know that he has signed the "logging without laws" bill - one of the most odious anti-environmental bills in history. We have been betrayed. Furthermore, Clinton and Gore campaigned and arm-twisted to push NAFTA through, which the Sierra Club opposed. - Margaret Gilleo, St. Louis, Mo.

We will not find a "perfect environmentalist" among the two candidates. But Clinton is clearly "greener" than Dole. - Harry Dalton, fundraising chair, South Carolina Chapter

I am convinced that, after GATT, NAFTA and the salvage rider, we cannot simultaneously tell the world that we are attempting to be agents of change and that we support Clinton. My suggestion: Endorse Ralph Nader. - Charlie Ogle, vice chair, Oregon Chapter

The next four years present some real opportunity. I think we will be better able to seize it if we are there with Clinton. - Bill Arthur, Northwest regional director, Seattle, Wash.

I always feel there is a price for an endorsement. Is Clinton willing to pay? - Bob Warrick, conservation chair, Nebraska Chapter

Nine months ago I would have said no way should the Club endorse the Clinton-Gore ticket. Given the circumstances and politics since that time, I now strongly believe the Sierra Club should endorse Clinton-Gore. - Bob Bingaman, field director, Washington, D.C.

Clinton, because he's all we've got. He did right on Mexico City policy (international family planning) and a lot of other environmental issues. The race isn't close now, but my bet is that it will get a lot closer. - George Klein, chair, International Population Campaign Steering Committee, Mount Kisco, N.Y.

I do not recommend endorsement of either candidate for president. Clinton has not shown the leadership that would inspire an endorsement and Dole obviously would never deserve one. - Andy Roeper, newsletter editor, New Hampshire Chapter

We feel that the Club must endorse Clinton. Despite misgivings over some of his actions, he is now, and may be in the future, our last line of defense. - Mike Binyon, Utah Chapter

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