Sierra Club: The Planet--1996
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The Planet
Coming Soon to a Station Near You

The Sierra Club's Global Warming and Energy team invites your local TV weathercaster to get with the program this summer. Team staff and volunteers have produced a six-part TV series that provides broadcast meteorologists with the expertise and footage they need to do accurate and compelling news reports on global warming. Known as the The Climate Report, the series will be transmitted in its entirety on two satellite feeds on July/August 9 and 11. Segments can be provided on tape. Included are interviews with top scientists and health researchers, informational graphics as well as dramatic footage of hurricanes and other major weather events associated with global warming. The final segment offers viewers practical information for taking action - from driving less and using more efficient home appliances to advocating for higher fuel efficiency, or CAFE, standards for cars and light trucks.

"We're calling on activists to contact their local TV stations and convince them to pick it up and put it on the air," said Global Warming Campaign Steering Committee member Sanjay Ranchod.

Ranchod emphasized that weathercasters are key in the fight to halt global warming because so many people tune them in each night. "They can be approached at the local level by focusing on regional impacts," he said, "like increases in droughts, floods and air quality hazards or health effects from heat waves, spreading infectious disease and g reater extremes in temperatures."

For more information on how to involve your local TV station, call Ann Mesnikoff in the Washington, D.C., office at (202) 547-1141.

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