Sierra Club: The Planet--1996
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The Planet
Canadian Volunteers

GERALDINE IRBY (above with B.C. Minister of the Environment Moe Sihota) volunteered to be editor of The Sierra Report, the chapter newsletter of the Sierra Club of Western Canada, in 1971. She had no clue that 25 years later she would win the coveted B.C. Minister's Environment Award for her work. "The award came as a tremendous surprise," says Irby. "So often the Club is at odds with the government that I thought they would laugh at the nomination."

VICKY HUSBAND, 10-year Club veteran and current conservation co-chair of the British Columbia Chapter, has fought to preserve British Columbia's forests and wildlife. "B.C. has the most incredible natural heritage in the world, but the government is giving the forests away to logging interests."

DON HUFF is chair of the Eastern Canada Chapter. "The major problem in Ontario is there has been a cleaning of house in government which has dramatically increased the numbers of Progressive Conservatives in the provincial government and they're following the same anti-regulatory path as Newt Gingrich and the Republican leadership in the United States.

JEAN-LOUISE HÉBERT, Prairies Chapter chair, keeps busy debunking the myth that jobs and environmental protection are mutually exclusive. "If we try to get people up in arms, it's difficult because they have been brainwashed into thinking that people who care about the planet will take jobs away from them."

SID TAN of the B.C. Chapter's Lower Mainland Group works on the Sierra Club Multicultural Environmental Education Project, integrating environmental awareness into his English as a Second Language workshops. "If they're going to learn English, we want them to also learn words like 'reduce, reuse, recycle.'"

LOUISE COMEAU works tirelessly as the Club's Campaign Director for Atmosphere and Energy. "She is the most influential climate activist in Canada," says Elizabeth May, Sierra Club of Canada executive director. "If you ask anyone in government or industry who is behind the pressure on government to deal with climate change, they'd just say Louise - they wouldn't even use her last name."

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