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The Planet

Sprawl Campaign Contacts

The Planet, April 1997, Volume 4, number 3

  • Challenge to Sprawl campaign chairs
  • Publications
  • E-mail Forums

Challenge to Sprawl campaign chairs

Tim Frank, (818) 799-6744; e-mail: <>

Larry Bohlen, (301) 445-1548; e-mail: <>

John Holtzclaw (ISTEA/transportation), (415) 977-5534; e-mail: <>

John Hopkins (urban growth boundaries/ protecting habitat), (916) 756-6455; e-mail: <>

Brett Hulsey (Sprawl Costs Us All), (608) 257-4994; e-mail: <>

Joy Oakes (Appalachian regional staff director), (410) 268-7411; e-mail: <>

Marge Hanselman (Houston Group), (713) 666-7494; e-mail: <>

Deling Wang (New York City Group), (212) 875-0202; e-mail: <>

Janet Pelley (Maryland Chapter), (301) 681-2997

Glen Besa (Appalachian regional representative), (301) 478-3345; e-mail: <>

Sherman Lewis (subsidies to cars), (510) 538-3692; e-mail: <>

Bryan Hager (Georgia Chapter), (770) 537-3720; e-mail: <>

Rebecca Bernard (legal resources), (415) 977-5680; e-mail: <>


Sprawl Costs Us All
For a copy of the Wisconsin report, send $5 to Sierra Club Midwest Office, 214 N. Henry St., Suite 203, Madison, WI 53703. (Also available on disk.)

For a copy of the Maryland report, send $5 to the Sierra Club Foundation, 69 Franklin St., Annapolis, MD 21401.

E-mail Forums

To participate in an electronic mail forum on sprawl and transportation issues, send your request to:


In the body of the message write:

Subscribe CONS-SPST-SPRAWL-ALL YourFirstName YourLastName.

That's for all the forums listed below. You can choose just one by subscribing to:


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