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The Planet

Key Contacts in the national office

The Planet, May 1997, Volume 4, number 4

To join the Environmental Rights Network (ERN) and receive The Planet: Contact Holly Minch, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5627; e-mail: <>.

To request 100 or more copies of The Planet for your chapter or group: Contact Holly Minch, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5627; e-mail: <>.

To receive the Chapter Newsfeed: Contact Sarah Fallon, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5596; e-mail: <>.

To join a coalition (and receive guidelines and application form): Contact Pat Veitch, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5674; e-mail: <>.

To get Sierra Club banners and placards to use at rallies and press conferences: Contact the Activist Desk, (415) 977-5747; e-mail: <>.

To order labels or lists: Contact the Labels Desk, (415) 977-5684 or (415) 977- 5531; e-mail: <label.&>.

To submit Planet story ideas: Contact John Barry, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5584; e-mail: <> or Marie Dolcini, (415) 977-5533; e-mail: <>.

For media questions and assistance: Contact Daniel Silverman, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5508; e-mail: <daniel.silverman>.

For help producing factsheets or other outreach and campaign materials: Contact John Barry (415) 977-5584; <> or Sarah Fallon (415) 977-5596; e-mail: <>.

For questions and materials related to chapter and group leadership and activist development: Contact Pat Veitch, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5674; email: <>.

For information on training resources: Contact Emily McFarland, (415) 977-5535; e-mail: <> or Pat Veitch, (415) 977-5674; e-mail: <>.

To get assistance and materials on chapter and group fundraising and membership development: Contact Yolanda Andersen, Office of Development, (415) 977-5635; e-mail: <>.

For answers to questions about your membership: Contact the Information Center, (415) 977-5653; e-mail: <>.

To report changes in group and chapter leadership: Contact Nick Rab, Conservation Department, (415) 977-5531; e-mail: <>.

To receive copies of national Club bylaws and standing rules: Contact Gene Coan, Executive Office, (415) 977-5681; e-mail: <>.

For copies of Sierra Club policies: Visit the Club's Web site at or contact the Information Center, (415) 977-5653; e-mail: <>.

For environmental issues factsheets and general information, including Club history: Contact the Information Center, (415) 977-5653; e-mail: <>.

To change the address on your membership record: Contact the Information Center, (415) 977-5649; e-mail: <>.

To purchase Sierra Club calendars in bulk: Contact Alan Weaver, Books Department, (415) 977-5708; e-mail <>.

For information on Inner City Outings: Contact Debra Asher, Outing Department, (415) 977-5568; e-mail <>.

For assistance and support for chapter and group outings: Contact Cathy Benton, Outing Department, (415) 977-5652; e-mail: <>.

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