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The Planet

December 1997, Volume 4, number 10


    Westchester County Responds

    Remember the affluent Westchester County you refer to in the October Planet article about waste being exported to poor areas of Alabama? We Lower Hudson Group members are just as sensitive to sustainable growth issues and to handling our own waste without resorting to exporting garbage. We have our own problems in this arena, especially since we are situated within the New York City watershed where real estate development pressures are threatening the quality of the region's water supply.

    We would love to get together with [the Alabama group] to plan an overarching design for sustainable growth that protects the environment for us all -- garbage exporters and garbage importers. Together we could have four times the impact.

    --Don Pachner
    Bedford, N.Y.

    Receiving is Believing
    There are a few vocal climatologists not in consensus with the great majority of scientists who have come to the conclusion that there is global warming. Some in that small number who [say] "There is no proof" or "Your electric bill will go up" proudly list their credentials and connections to famous universities while omitting their other large payroll connections to big coal and big oil. May truth find them out. We have too much at stake.

    --Gerry Scardo
    Clintwood, Va.

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