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The Planet

The Planet
December 1998 Volume 5, Number 10

New Logo Debuts

The Sierra Club has a new logo. It's not a radical departure: It still contains all the important imagery - the Sequoia tree, Half Dome, the oval frame. It's been sharpened and simplified so it will reproduce at a smaller size and still be readable.

What's changed? The words "Sierra Club" and "Founded 1892" - which previously were wrapped around the oval - now appear under or to the right of the drawing. There are two configurations - the horizontal one, seen below and the vertical one.

What's also new is the effort to standardize logo use throughout the Club. "A good logo is instantly identifiable," said Marketing Director Jane Lodato, who coordinated the development of the logo and its guidelines. "But it must be used consistently if it is to strengthen our identity. Have you ever seen the Apple Computer logo with pastel stripes?"

In December, all chapters, groups, field offices and national committees will receive the "Sierra Club Logo Guidelines" - which specify how the logo is to be used.

Some of the usage rules:

-- Never separate the image in the oval frame from the words.

-- The words "Sierra Club" are always printed in black ink. When you are able to print in color, the image should be printed in PMS 343 (or its process color equivalent) and the words in black.

The style guide also contains specifications for printing letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

The guide includes four pages of camera-ready logos in assorted sizes. The logo can also be downloaded - with a password - from the Club's Web site. It will not be available on floppy disk.

The logo was approved by the Board of Directors in July. It is the only logo approved for usage upon receipt of the style guide. (Of course, please use up any already existing stock.)

For more information or to receive a password to download the logo from the Web page: contact our Logo Adminstrator at:

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