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The Planet
June 1999 Volume 6, Number 5

Letter to the Editor

One effective way to spread the word is to write a letter
to the editor of your local paper.
Here's a sample one, but the best bet is to write
your own and reference your nearby national forest.

June 1, 1999

Dear Editor:

Our national forests provide wildlife and fish habitat, clean drinking water and recreation for families. They have also given us tremendous scientific and educational benefits.

But they are being destroyed by a money-losing commercial timber sale program. Over the past 50 years, the Forest Service has spent billions of taxpayer dollars building roads for logging companies, effectively subsidizing the logging of public lands.

Now 440,000 miles of roads scar our National Forest System, causing erosion that bleeds silt into fishing streams, and facilitating clearcuts on steep and unstable slopes that cause mudslides and destroy wildlife habitat.

Our national forests should be treated with management principles that emphasize stewardship and the protection of these lands for future generations. It is time to protect and restore our forests and end the Forest Service commercial logging program.


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