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Ask the White House to Come Clean About 9/11
An EPA report released in August indicates that the Bush administration intentionally misled the public about the safety of lower Manhattan following the attacks of September 11, 2001. A draft EPA press release sent to the White House three days after the attacks stated: "The concern raised by these samples [of dust containing asbestos] would be for the workers at the cleanup site and for those workers who might be returning to their offices on or near Water Street on Monday, September 17, 2001." Yet the Bush White House’s edited version, released to the public and media on September 16, was altered to read: "Our tests show that it is safe for New Yorkers to go back to work in New York’s financial district."

The EPA inspector general’s August report revealed how press releases drafted by EPA about the air quality at Ground Zero were edited by the Bush White House’s Council on Environmental Quality to omit warnings about potentially hazardous toxins. The report recommends that any remaining World Trade Center dust in residences and workplaces be cleaned up, and urges the Bush administration to permit the EPA to honestly and adequately monitor environmental problems and enforce environmental protections without political influence from the White House.


Please write or call President Bush. Tell him that Americans need to know that the Bush administration will tell them the truth and will make their health and safety a priority. Urge the president to:

• Honor the request for federal EPA testing, and clean up remaining WTC dust in residences and workplaces, north of Canal Street in Manhattan and across the East River in Brooklyn. The inspector general’s report advocated that the EPA take this action.

• Ensure that precautionary measures are taken to prevent future exposure.
Specifically, the White House should protect the workers and the community during WTC site reconstruction.

• Restore the public trust in federal health warnings by complying with the inspector general’s recommendation that EPA establish a strong federal policy to ensure that Americans receive accurate, complete information on health risks in future emergencies and that federal agencies’ roles and duties are clearly defined.

Contact information

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, US 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1414
Fax: (202) 456-2461

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