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The Planet

The Damning Details:

Adapted from Strategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress, by Carl Pope and Paul Rauber, now out from Sierra Club Books.

September 30, 2003, was the day Superfund died. The deceased left behind some 1,000 toxic waste sites—many of them "orphans," whose original owners had fled or gone out of business. George Bush’s plan is that henceforth any cleanups of these orphan sites will be paid for not by the industries that created the problem but by the taxpayers and victimized communities themselves.

The White House did not even put out one of its tepid Friday-afternoon press releases announcing the demise. Nor did the president—who has often proclaimed that he was elected to solve problems, not leave them to future generations—call on Congress for additional funds to keep Superfund going. But in the hard-right think tanks and K Street lobbyist suites, the champagne corks should have been popping.


The Whole Enchilada:
Top Ten Bush Administration Environmental Misdeeds

If you judged the Bush administration’s environmental initiatives by their names alone—like "Clear Skies"and "Healthy Forests"—you might conclude that the Bush team was fighting to protect our air, water, and wildlands.

But upon closer examination it becomes clear that the laws and rules the administration has enacted since taking office constitute a broad and sweeping attack on environmental protection, and payback for the campaign-trail generosity of the coal, oil, and other dirty industries. Whenever polluters’ interests have collided with those of citizens, the polluters have prevailed. There is a better way.


Download the PDF file.

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