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How Protecting Chimps and Improving Family Planning Go Hand in Hand
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The Planet

Lucky Seven -- One-on-One with Six Summit Speakers and One Delegate

The first-ever Sierra Summit, in San Francisco September 8-11, marks a turning point in the evolution of the Sierra Club's long history of grassroots activism. Thousands of activists from across the country will gather to chart the Club's direction, share their own experiences, engage in workshops, and listen to a series of keynote and master speakers. "We're entering the third era of the environmental movement, which is about finding sustainability," says newly elected Club President Lisa Renstrom. "The first began with John Muir and was devoted to preserving wild places. The second was characterized by fighting pollution. Now we're facing global problems like climate change and making the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Come to the Summit and help us launch this third era."

lucky seven

The Summit features Robert F. Kennedy, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher, and dozens more speakers, entertainers, and workshop leaders. Planet editors Tom Valtin and Timothy Lesle got on the phone with six speakers and one delegate to give you a sampling of what to expect. But before you settle down to find out what really pisses off Bobby Kennedy or why Arianna Huffington has been running out of gas lately, have you registered for the Summit yet?

Go to (By the way, September is a great month to visit San Francisco.)

Registered? Good. Now enjoy the interviews. And see you in September.

Interviews with Summit speakers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington, Iantha Gantt-Wright, Robert Hass, Ric Burns,

Interview with Summit delegate Chris Kelley

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