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PDF March/April 2006
e-mail February 27, 2006
e-mail December 20, 2005


Why the Endangered Species Act Works...
Sierra Club Kicks Off 'Reality TV'
Largest-Ever Mercury Study
First You Trek, Then You Organize
The (New and Improved) Sierra Club
The Structure of Leadership in the Sierra Club
Who You Gonna Call? A Guide to Staff Resources
Introducing the Mentoring Program
Who We Are
Richard Sloan
Linda Ernst
Rod Hunter


PDF January/February 2006
The Power of Many
How We Saved the Arctic Refuge (For Now)
Getting Somewhere on the Bridges to Nowhere
Cities Get Cool
Measuring Mercury
Fighting for the Valle Vidal
Building Trust
There's No Limit to Colorado's Power
Finding Common Ground
Trickle-Down Activism
‘Hey, I Can Do This’
I Can Smell for Miles and Miles
Building Environmental Community One Canyon at a Time
Paper to Pixels
Sierra Summit Soars
‘Why Live If You Don't Have Something to Struggle For?’
Expanding Excom
Club Charts Direction for Next Five Years
Big Easy to Beltway: ‘Where's the Beef?’
2005 Timeline
Faces of the Sierra Club
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The Planet
Who You Gonna Call?

A Short, Incomplete Guide to Sierra Club Staff and Resources

This is not a comprehensive, everything-you-need-to-know guide, but a starting point—some of the people or positions most likely to work with volunteer activists. You can find a more complete and regularly updated version of this guide in Clubhouse.

To join the Action Network and receive occasional e-mail alerts when action on the environment is needed, sign up at

For Sierra Club buttons and placards, fact sheets, bulk orders of The Planet, and other activist materials for tabling and outreach, go to


Contact Member Services at (415) 977-5653 or


For questions about Board meetings, national elections and ballots, contact John Ridener at (415) 977-5675;

To learn how you can raise money for your chapter or group by selling Sierra Club calendars, go to or contact Jim Cohee at (415) 977-5718;

For questions about c3 and c4 funding issues for chapters, contact or go to

For national conservation policies, go to For chapter and group leaders with questions about local application of national policies, contact the field office in your area. Go to


For frequently asked questions about e-mail lists (using Listserv), go to For information on how to start an e-mail list, go to

For questions and materials related to chapter and group excoms, including by-laws, conflict resolution, conflict of interest issues, chapter and group elections, and Sierra Club policies and procedures, go to or contact Emily McFarland at (415) 977-5535;

For help on conservation campaigns or media outreach, contact the field office in your area. Go to

For questions about finance, e-mail For a staff list, go to

For questions about the Sierra Club Foundation, call (415) 995-1780; toll free (800) 216-2110; fax (415) 995-1791. More info can be found at

For inquiries on Sierra Club involvement in environmental litigation and other environmental legal activities, call (415) 977-5772 or go to

For chapter and group leaders who need lists or labels of Club members in their chapter or group, contact Lillian Miller at (415) 977-5657 or Alex Bauer at (415) 977-5684, or To report changes in group, chapter, regional, and national leadership positions, contact (But not address changes. For those, contact


To download Sierra Club logos or for guidance on the Club design guidelines, go to or e-mail Or contact Jim Bradbury at (415) 977-5726;

For help with obtaining mailing permits for chapter or group publications, contact Stephen Byington at (415) 977-5679;

For assistance on media outreach or responding to questions from the media, contact your local field office. Go to


To set up a memorial gift to the Sierra Club in memory of a recently deceased family member, contact at Member Services at (415) 977-5653 or

For membership/donation questions or Sierra magazine subscription changes, contact Member Services at (415) 977-5653 or

For chapter and group membership recruitment and fundraising help, and information about Sierra Club coffee, note cards, apparel and other merchandise, call (415) 977-5635 or e-mail Also, go to

For information about reimbursement procedures for chapter and group newsletters and other chapter and group projects, go to Or contact Carrie Hudiburgh at (415) 977-5580; e-mail:

For newsletter stories, photos, and camera-ready graphics, go to For help with newsletter design and editorial, contact John Barry at (415) 977-5584;

For support and materials for chapter and group outing leaders, call (415) 977-5528 or e-mail For national outings, call (415) 977-5522 or e-mail For questions about inner city outings, call (415) 977-5628 or e-mail For a full list of outings department staff members, go to

For more information about including the Sierra Club as a beneficiary in wills, trusts, or retirement plans, or creating charitable gift annuities and trusts, contact Linda Coffee at (415) 977-5639;

To suggest story ideas for the Planet, contact Tom Valtin at (415) 977-5742; To receive the Planet, go to Or e-mail (And don’t forget to send your wonderful photos of Club activities and activists to:

For questions about voter education and the political program, call (202) 547-1141 or e-mail For questions about candidate endorsements and contributions, contact Geoff Suttle at (202) 675-2393;

For general questions regarding insurance and risk management issues, contact the Office of Risk Management at (415) 977-5569; Or go to

For insurance coverage relating to an outing, call (415) 977-5528, or e-mail For chapters or groups with questions about matters our legal counsel may need to address, contact contact Julia Reitan at (415) 977-5597;


For information about the Sierra Club Training Academy, chapter chair and political trainings, and more, go to or contact Emily McFarland at (415) 977-5535;


For internal policies governing volunteer responsibilities, such as "Speaking for the Sierra Club," go to For questions of interpretation, contact Julia Reitan at (415) 977-5577;

For questions about the Sierra Club’s public Web site——or Clubhouse, our leader Web site——e-mail For chapter and group webmasters seeking assistance, go to or contact Jenny Coyle at (415) 977-5533;

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