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PDF July/August 2006
e-mail June 30, 2006
e-mail April 28, 2006


Sewage 101
States Take Lead on Mercury, Global Warming
I Want My MPG
Postcard from Puerto Rico
The Birdman of Baghdad
Advocate for Safe Weapons Disposal Honored
Stop I-3
Family Planning Key to Sustainable Future
Sierra Club Insider
Who We Are
Ken Smokoska
Larry and Vicki Patton
Claudia Hilligoss


Moral Challenge, Tough Choices
Offshore Drilling Moratorium Threatened
Cool Cities Guide
Saving the Au Sable
Native Peoples, Club Unite
Sierra Club Insider
Who We Are
Tom Libby
Marty Peale
Yochi Zakai
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The Planet
Sewage 101

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Sewage and Nutrient Pollution But Were Afraid to Ask

Managing sewage is a critical factor in keeping our water safe and healthy. But every year, millions of Americans get sick from contact with inadequately treated sewage that ends up in water they swim in or drink. So Sierra Club volunteers and staff are fighting sewage overflows from Ohio to Hawaii with postcards, billboards, videos, and community pressure. MORE

And check out our colorful infographic: “How Nutrients Poison Waterways.” 

States Take the Lead on Mercury, Global Warming

The federal government may not be acting on citizen concerns about mercury and global warming, but a growing number of states are. Find out how Sierra Club volunteers and staff in Minnesota and Pennsylvania are making it happen. MORE


I Want My MPG

Had Congress came raised fuel economy standards to 40 miles per gallon in 1990, we'd be using about half as much gas today. Now here comes another opportunity for Congress to address our oil addiction. (And check out our mpg calculator to find out how much gas you'd save if fuel economy standards were modernized.) MORE

see pdf of July/August issue



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