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Sierra Club Productions

Sierra Club Chronicles

Produced by Brave New Films in association with Sierra Club Productions.

Sierra Club Chronicles is seven David vs. Goliath stories: the dramatic efforts of committed individuals across the country working to protect the health of their environment and communities, hosted by Daryl Hannah.

Ranchers in New Mexico, emergency medical technicians in New York City, fishermen in Alaska, neighbors of a chemical plant in Mississippi, all are united in common cause -- the fight to protect their families, communities and the lands and livelihoods they love from pollution, corporate greed and short-sighted government policies.

Season One

Episode 1: 9/11 Forgotten Heroes
John Feal, Marvin Bethea, Jonathan Sferazo and Mike McCormack want justice. Before September 11, 2001, Feal was a jock and robust construction supervisor, Bethea a life-saving paramedic, McCormack was a decorated emergency medic, and Sferazo was proud steelworker. At ground zero all four of these New Yorkers gave everything they had to the search and rescue effort.

Episode 2: The Day The Water Died
March 24, 1989 will forever plague history as one of the worst environmental disasters of our time. Eleven million gallons of oil spilled into the Prince William Sound killing thousands of wildlife and destroying a complex and delicate ecosystem. Exxon promised they would clean up the spill and promised that those affected would get their lives back. Sixteen years later and the people are still waiting for their lives to become "whole" again.

Episode 3: Dioxin, Duplicity & Dupont
The DuPont plant in DeLisle, Mississippi has been releasing large amounts of dioxin and heavy metals for nearly 20 years. This film explores health problems being experienced by residents and former workers, and evidence that oysters in the area exported for sale around the U.S. have been contaminated by DuPont's poisonous discharges. About 2,000 people have filed lawsuits against DuPont alleging pollution from this facility has harmed their health.

Episode 4: Range Wars Rage On
A traditional New Mexico ranching couple Tweeti and Linn Blancett, lead their cattle up a slope, past a natural gas drilling platform and around industrial equipment that occupies the once-pristine public land where their cattle used to graze undisturbed. Now they can't believe what they see: a natural gas clean up crew ripping the lining of a waste pit, allowing toxic, industrial waste water to seep into the land.

Episode 5: Breathless in LA
The City of Wilmington, a predominately Latino community, bears the burden of industrial blight, pollution, and the health hazards caused not only by the oil refineries but the growing goods movement industry in Los Angeles where over 40% of the goods imported to the US arrive everyday. With all this international trade comes a tremendous amount of air pollution from the ships, trains and trucks that move goods from the harbor to cities and towns across America.

Episode 6: Storm In The Gulf
The Gulf Islands National Seashore is a thin necklace of pristine barrier islands off the coast of Mississippi. But through a manipulation of the recently passed Energy Bill, a clandestine clause in the Patriot act, and old fashion quid pro quo money politics, Republican Governor (and former RNC Chairman) Haley Barbour has paved the way for oil and to start drilling under this national park.

Episode 7: Rats to Roses
This multi-year time arc witnesses the threat and loss of the community gardens in New York -- but also the commitment and resilience of community organizers. Charles Louis founder of the Euclid 500 Gardens, says "these gardens have become community centers for people with nowhere else to go."

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