Corporate Sustainability Manager

WHAT IT TAKES: a business background and sustainability know-how, preferably with a green master of business administration combining the two

TOP SCHOOLS: Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Dominican University of California, Marlboro College Graduate Center, Presidio School of Management, Stanford University

WHAT IT PAYS: $60,000 to $75,000 for an MBA grad with experience

WHO'D BE INTO IT: politically savvy change agents who can relate to—and influence—a variety of people

HOT SPOTS: theoretically, anywhere in corporate America

ROLE MODEL: Kevin Hagen, age 46, program manager of corporate social responsibility at REI headquarters in Kent, Washington

PLANETARY POWER: REI saved one million kilowatt-hours a year—equivalent to turning off the power at three stores—by retrofitting the lighting at one of its distribution centers. A fifth of the $1.18 billion company's electricity usage comes from wind, landfill gas, and solar power.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "In the future, employers won't be looking to hire sustainability managers; they'll want every manager to understand sustainability."