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  Sierra Magazine
  March/April 2008
Table of Contents
Bikeway or the Highway
As Low As You Can Go
Two-Wheeled Wonder
Lair of the North Wind
In the Footsteps of ...
Green My Ride
Connect and Disconnect
Sex and the City Bird
Editor's Note
Ways & Means
One Small Step
Lay of the Land
Good Going
Comfort Zone NEW!
Mixed Media NEW!
The Green Life
Hey Mr. Green
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Sierra Magazine
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Sierra Magazine's 12th Annual Travel Contest: In the Footsteps of...

Readers used our clues to figure out the adventurous route traveled by a well-known author in a popular book.

Take the Quiz!

"'Ooh, I like a man who appreciates pancakes,' Rayette cooed.
"'Well, honey, I sure appreciate these pancakes,' [he] responded, face agleam with syrup and early-morning happiness."

Question #1: The pancake aficionado quoted above is a character known for his lusty appetites. His name is ...
Answer #1: .

Question #2: His conversation with Rayette takes place at a lodging establishment (right) whose name derives from a Cherokee term for "tumbling waters." The name of the establishment is ...
Answer #2: .

"Woods choke off views and ... make you feel small and confused and vulnerable, like a small child lost in a crowd of strange legs."

Question #3: The author makes this observation while in a 750,000-acre forest (right) once heavily logged for chestnut trees and named for a nearby river that sounds a bit like yet another nearby river, where a famous movie that still gives campers the willies was shot. The name of the forest is ...
Answer #3: .

"We were entering what botanists like to call 'the finest mixed mesophytic forest in the world.'"

Question #4: The ecosystem the author mentions here is in mountains that are home to at least 10,000 and maybe as many as 90,000 plant and animal species. These mountains are called ...
Answer #4: .

Question #5: The mountains are also known as the "capital of the world" for the amphibian in the photograph at right, a type of ...
Answer #5: .

"I can't tell you how much I would like to step into that view. The scene is so manifestly untamed, so full of an impenetrable beyond, as to present a clearly foolhardy temptation."

Question #6: The author is talking about the classic American landscape painting in the photo at right, which was inspired by John Keats's sonnet "To Solitude" and celebrates the friendship of a famous poet and a painter. The name of the painting is ...
Answer #6: .

"'I know a guy who did that once,' he said, 'and one of his eyes popped out.'
"She looked at him doubtfully.
"'It rolled right across the living room floor and his dog ate it.'"

The words above were spoken to an annoying person known for "violent and alarming snorts." The book in which she appears was written by ...
Answer #7: .

This book is titled ...
Answer 8: .

The Bonus Answer: .

Thanks to our contest sponsors!


First prize: $1,000 Sierra Club Outings certificate, JanSport 30-inch All Terra Gear Logic wheeled footlocker duffel, 24-inch All Terra duffel, and All Terra shower kit (approximate prize value: $1,520)

Second prize: Eureka Nergy 1210 tent with E Power Pak and accessories, Tilley Endurables $100 certificate, La Sportiva Trango Hike GTX-XCR hiking boots, Crazy Creek HexaLite LongBack lightweight chair (approximate prize value: $670)

Third prize: Eureka Nergy screen house with E Power Pak and accessories, La Sportiva Halite GTX hiking boots, Crazy Creek HexaLite Original chair (approximate prize value: $470)

Each winner will also receive two Save the Forest gift boxes from New England Natural Bakers (approximate prize value: $50)

Photos, from top: Robin J. Cox (kickoff clue), Clint Farlinger (child's view clue), Matthew Chatfield (creature clue), Annene von Durchgerockt (cryptic bonus clue); used with permission.

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