#10 Tufts University 
8,500 students, Medford, Massachusetts

Often teased for being an Ivy League wannabe, Tufts surpassed its prestigious peers in environmental stewardship years ago. Recent eco-moves include joining a program that lets students help pay for renewable energy projects in Massachusetts through their electricity bills and creating a campus printing service that uses soy-based inks and recycled paper. Tufts is also publishing a new guide to campus life with an eco-map of places where students can find such greenery as free compact fluorescent lightbulbs, recycling bins, and Zipcars.

Investments: Created a $100 million microfinance fund for investments in developing countries.
Overall commitment to sustainability: Developed the United States' first university-wide environmental policy in the 1990s. Originated the Talloires Declaration, an international campus sustainability agreement signed by more than 300 schools.

Transportation: With no subsidies for public transit in suburban Medford, the 50 percent of students living off campus receive no incentives to commute green.

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Score: 82