The optics from Oakley have always been among the best in sports sunglasses, but within the past year, a new feature has been making a huge difference: The hydrophobic coating on the RADAR RANGE wraparound shades repels water and sweat. It's not quite as powerful as an anti-gravity force field, but during an endurance run, it kept the glasses cleaner than any others we've tried. $180,
Never guess at your mileage or pace again. Garmin's simple-to-use FORERUNNER 110 watch tucks a GPS receiver into its sleek casing, so an accurate record of speed and distance covered is just a touch away. For an extra $50, you can add a heart-monitor function. $199,
The RUNLITE TRAIL RUNNER by Amphipod is the Swiss Army Knife of running storage. It features a double-zippered pouch for cards, keys, and energy bars and comes with two 10.5-ounce water bottles that snap in and out of their brackets for one-handed drinking on the fly. Just want the storage? The brackets slide right off the belt. $42,