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By Avital Andrews
9: American University
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American Unversity
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Washington, D.C

SCORE: 759.34 | STUDENTS: 12,693

Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2020, AU is off to a strong start, with 30 buildings on track for LEED Silver certification, a 27-kilowatt solar array, D.C.'s biggest solar hot-water system, and a contraption called the Vegawatt, which turns old cooking oil into electricity. The university's plan is to divert 100% of its waste, and it's already two-thirds of the way there, thanks to a new campus-wide composting program, trayless dining (which reduced food waste by a third), quarterly e-waste drives, and such enthusiastic student participation that AU won last year's national RecycleMania competition. Students also get excited about the annual Campus Beautification Day (shown above), a springtime tradition that brings the AU community together to make the campus greener.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Watts/American University



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