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By Avital Andrews
5: Cornell University
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Cornell University
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Ithaca, New York

SCORE: 776.72 | STUDENTS: 21,131

Cornell offers 340 classes, across almost every department, about sustainability, and this is one of the only colleges where you can minor in climate change. School officials pledge that Cornell will be a net-zero-carbon campus by 2050. Over the past two years, its greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 25%, and over the next five, $45 million will go toward energy-conservation projects: Cornell has already added more than 1 million square feet of new construction without needing to use any additional power. Plenty of open space remains, however: The 2,300-acre campus in Ithaca, New York, has two stunning gorges, a 35-acre botanical garden, and a 100-acre arboretum. Above, at the annual Slope Day, celebrating the last day of classes, student volunteers collect recyclables and compostables.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay France/Cornell University Photography



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