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By Avital Andrews
8: Georgia Institute of Technology
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Georgia Institute of Technology
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Atlanta, Georgia

SCORE: 759.76 | STUDENTS: 20,941

The EPA named Georgia Tech one of the "best places for commuters" for its range of eco-transit options, from carpooling to mass transit; natural gas–powered buses move more than 2 million riders per year. Above, as part of Georgia Tech's annual Earth Day celebration—one of the Southeast's biggest—student volunteers offer free bicycle repairs. The 440-acre Atlanta school was also named a Tree Campus USA for its 25% arboreal cover. Despite all that foliage, water usage hasn't increased since 2001—impressive, considering that the school's interior square footage has doubled since then. Everything built after 2008 is LEED certified, and a 1.4-million-gallon stormwater cistern helps conserve. The Yellow Jackets have been recycling since 1996, diverting an annual mass of 600 tons.

Photo courtesy of Rob Felt/Georgia Institute of Technology



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